Bamboo Shower Caddy: 10 Best Bath Caddies Reviewed

A bamboo shower caddy has become the first choice of many homeowners nowadays. Continue reading and you find the best bamboo bath caddy within a few minutes. It is indeed the best choice for your bathroom.

This post is going to reveal 10 top-rated bamboo shower caddies. These products offer the best solution to organize bathroom essentials, including soaps, shampoo, loofas, razors, etc.

You might be looking for a tension pole, free-standing, or hanging caddy. We have assessed and included the best models to shortlist your search for the best options available in the market. So, let’s find a perfect caddy for your bathroom.

Every homeowner wants a durable shower organizer which also looks attractive. That’s why millions of people are looking for bamboo shower caddies.

There are so many options and it might be daunting to pick the best one without doing extensive research. We have made the selection very simple and straightforward for you.

Check the following bamboo shower caddy review to reveal the features, benefits, drawbacks of the top-rated bamboo shower organizers.

10 Best Bamboo Shower Caddies

Main Reasons to Choose a Bamboo Shower Organizer

You will indeed find many options in shower organizers. There are caddies made of plastic, metal, and bamboo teak. Most of the homeowners choose a bamboo shower organizer due to flowering reasons.

  • Easy to install!

Don’t find a drill to create a hole in the tiles of the er area because you can hang this shower organizer over the showerhead. Most of the models don’t need any drilling and that’s why this shower organizer is quite easy to install.

  • It is stylish!

Bamboo shower organizers improve the charm of any modern bathroom. This beautiful shower caddy keeps your relaxed due to its natural charm and offers ample space to keep the necessary stuff.

  • It is eco-friendly!

Bamboo is a recyclable material and therefore you reduce your environmental footprints by using bamboo shower caddies in your bathroom.

  • It is durable!

Bamboos are quite flexible and durable enough to survive in moist conditions. It offers a much longer service than plastic shower organizers.

  • Bamboo shower caddies are rustproof and waterproof:

Each durable bamboo shower caddy is equipped with rustproof railings. Bamboo itself is waterproof and rustproof. Therefore, you can expect it to last for many years in your bathroom.

Bamboo shower organizers don’t lose their natural charm too quickly. That’s why you should consider buying it!

iDesign Formbu Bamboo Shower Caddy

iDesign Check Price On Amazon

This simple bamboo shower organizer is a flawless solution for organizing stuff in the bathroom. Featuring two shelves with water drainage holes, this one is perfect to store shampoo, soap, conditioner, creams, and other essentials.

Its natural beige bamboo finish enhances the interior appeal of your shower area. iDesign assures years of unproblematic service. No need to drill or apply any adhesive on the wall. This lightweight shower caddy rests over showerhead and stays stable forever.

It is a modern solution for modern users, who seek minimalistic design for their modern interior. Measuring 11.05”x5.32”x26.68”, iDesign Formbu can hold everything you need while taking a shower.

  • It is designed to fit most of the showerheads
  • 100% natural bamboo material ensures years of unproblematic service
  • A beautiful and stylish design that compliments every modern bathroom
  • No drilling or adhesive required for installation
  • Some buyers don’t seem happy with construction quality
  • No warranty details are shared by iDesign

Rustproof Wood Shower Caddy

Rustproof bamboo bath caddy - 2 Tier Waterproof and Natural Bamboo Bathroom Wall Organizer with Stainless Steel Shelf Rack for Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap Storage - SereneLife SLSHCD45 Check Price On Amazon

This rustproof and waterproof bamboo shower rack by SerenLife is probably the most stylish shower organizer you can find in the market. This shower organizer provides stainless steel shelf rack to store soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

There are two racks and both offer ample space for storing toiletry. The manufacturer has used only waterproof and weatherproof material. It won’t deteriorate due to coming in contact with moisture.

SerenLife has designed this one to mount on showerhead. You don’t need to drill a hole on the wall and that’s the most preferred solution by many homeowners. Modern style with natural appeal make this rustproof wood shower caddy a flawless shower organizer for your bathroom.

  • Two-tier storage for storing all the bathroom essentials
  • Made of naturally water and weather-resistant material
  • Modern design makes it perfect for your modern bathroom
  • Lacquer finish to ensure years of unproblematic service
  • Quick installation without drilling or adhesive
  • It might catch mold due to excess moisture
  • Stability issues

Umbra 1005787-390 Barrel Shower Caddy

Umbra Check Price On Amazon

The Umbra bamboo shower caddy offers aluminum contrasted subtle bamboo shelving to organize your toiletry. Its contemporary and attractive style makes it a flawless choice for any bathroom.

This rust-free bamboo rack is quite durable because it shows great resistance to mildew, cracking, and splitting. Besides, it offers self-draining shelves, two hooks for loofahs, and two razor holders.

You can mount it over the showerhead or another hook and then it will be ready to use. You do not need any tool to install it also comes with two suction cups for better stability.

Umbra is offering a 5-year warranty to assure you that this organizer will provide a long and pleasant service for many years.

  • Durable construction with rust-proof shelves
  • The contemporary style beautifies the interior of any bathroom
  • Stays stable due to two suction cups
  • Two large self-draining shelves with two razor holders, and two loofah hooks
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Mildew problems can occur
  • It is a bit expensive in comparison to other products

mDesign Metal Bamboo Bath Caddy and Organizer

bamboo bathroom caddy Check Price On Amazon

This bath caddy is quite unique because smartly placed storage shelves. It is equipped with four small baskets and two hooks to store loofahs, razors, scrubbers, and back brush.

mDesign has equipped it with a suction cup to keep it stable against the shower wall. All four shelves have a great drainage system to improve air circulation and prevent mold and mildew problems.

Installation is super easy. Hang this bamboo bath over the showerhead of a hook and then use the suction cup to keep it stable. Now you can store your toiletry over two-tier shelving of this shower organizer without falling anything down.

This 4.3”x14”x25” caddy shows great resistance against mold and mildew. Besides, it is rustproof and weatherproof. Therefore, you can expect it to last for many years in your bathroom.

  • Offering four small storage baskets with a great drainage solution
  • Impressive design and natural wooden construction
  • Sufficient storage for soaps, shampoo, conditioner, loofahs, etc
  • Quick installation
  • Durable enough to last 5+ years
  • The original product feels cheaper than the caddy endorsed by mDesign
  • Not made of real bamboo wood

4-Tier Bamboo Corner Storage Shelf by Trademark Innovations

bathroom caddy from bamboo Check Price On Amazon

As the name suggests, this bamboo shower storage is designed to place in the corner in the shower. It is 9”x9”x31.5” in size and thus it is large enough to store most of your daily-use bathroom essentials.

This shower organizer is different than other products we have listed before. You cannot hang it against the wall. It stands freely on the floor, therefore you cannot hang loofahs or razor over any hooks. It is just a bamboo rack with a stylish design.

  • It looks quite stylish because there are no rays or knots
  • Made of pure bamboo teak
  • Durable and extremely water-resistant
  • Each shelf features raised lip to hold each item securely
  • Not an ideal rack to place in high moisture areas
  • It is not designed to store loofahs, brush, or razor

Giantex Small Corner Table

Giantex Check Price On Amazon

Choose this bamboo shower stand if you want to add a contemporary sense to your home. It is a table, designed to work as a two-tier shelf for storing bathroom essentials. Each shelf is wide enough to store multiple products along with towels.

This table is made of natural bamboo material. Yes, it is an eco-friendly and PU coated waterproof bamboo shower caddy. There are venting gaps on each shelf to drain excess water to prevent mold and mildew. You can store items weighing up to 66lbs on this bamboo rack.

  • Made with PU coated bamboo material to be moisture-proof and waterproof
  • 2-tier storage to hold all your toiletry products
  • Equipped with rubber mats for better stability
  • Triangular design allows you to place it conveniently in any corner
  • It might get moldy due to consistent moisture contact
  • No space for brush, razor, and loofahs

Dream Palace Natural Bamboo Three Tier Storage

Dream Palace Natural Bamboo bath caddy Check Price On Amazon

A perfect eco-friendly bamboo corner bath caddy for your home, if a durable and rot-resistant rack in your bathroom. It is a multipurpose product because you can use it in the kitchen, your living room, and also in the bedroom to keep your electronic gadgets and other items securely.

This shower organizer measures 15.75”x15.75”x30” in size and therefore it is not a large corner table. Assembling this rack is super easy. Follow the instructions shared by the manufacturer and you can assemble this rack without using any tool.

  • This compact size organizer is small but quite useful
  • Made of totally natural material
  • It is durable and rot-resistant
  • Suitable to be used as a storage shelve in all parts of your home
  • Mildew and stains may occur due to moisture

mDesign Modern Bamboo Over the Door Shower Caddy

Bamboo Wood Check Price On Amazon

It is another simple, but pretty attractive bamboo Over Door shower candy for modern and stylish bathrooms. It offers two shelves for storing toiletry along with two hooks. Both baskets are wide and mildew resistant.

It is designed to hang over the shower door. Just fix it over the door and then store anything you want. It stays firm against the door and allows you to store toiletry products without any issue.

  • Made of eco-friendly material, bacteria, and odor-resistant
  • Two-tier storage solution for daily use of toiletry products
  • Quick installation
  • Fits easily over the interior doors of all the bathrooms
  • Construction quality is not as good as promised by mDesign
  • No return or replacement policies

Honey-Can-Do BTH-06898 Shower Caddy

Bamboo bathtub Caddy Check Price On Amazon

Honey can do bamboo shower caddy is offering an innovative way of storing your bathroom essentials. It has two knobs for hanging items along with 3 attractive shelves.

Yes, it has a suction cup for better stability and it can hold items up to 10lbs. It is a beautiful addition to any bathroom with small space for storage racks.

  • Beautiful and innovative design
  • It weighs only 4.1lbs, but it can hold items weighing up to 10lbs
  • Featuring a suction cup for better stability
  • The suction cup fails to keep it stable
  • You need a long hook or showerhead to keep this bamboo bath caddy hanging against the wall

Relaxdays Wall-Mounted Bathroom Rack

Relaxdays Wall-Mounted Bathroom Rack, with 3 Shelves and 3 Hooks, Bamboo, Includes Rail, Natural Brown Check Price On Amazon

This eco-friendly shower caddy is designed to bring a little order to your shower area, nursery, kitchen, and hallway. It is an awesome solution to store daily use things from spices in the kitchen to toiletry products in your bathroom.

It is 70×28.5x10cm in size and there is an over 16cm gap between each shelf. It means you can easily store shampoo bottles and hanging items over the hooks provided with the shelf. It has three shelves and three hooks with a metal railing to prevent items from falling down.

  • Perfect for your bathroom and kitchen
  • Three shelves and 3 hooks create ample space for storing necessary toiletry roducts
  • You get it fully assembled
  • No installation required, just hang it against the wall and store the items
  • It seems a little fragile in comparison to other items listed in this list

How Do You Clean a Bamboo Shower Caddy?

Follow the below explained guide to clean your bamboo shower caddy:

  • Clean it with soapy water and then use a dry towel to remove water.
  • Apply a PH-neutral floor cleaner, let it stay for a few minutes, and then wipe it with a clean cloth to remove mold.
  • Use vinegar and water mixture to clean the caddy. It will help you in removing the bad odor caused by mold.
  • Take a few drops of linseed oil or flaxseed oil and then rub that cloth over the it to maintain its shine.

How to Protect Bamboo Shower Caddies from Mold?

The bamboo shower caddy mold issue is real and it troubles almost every buyer. It might be difficult to prevent your bamboo shower organizer from mold due to sustainable moisture in the bathroom. Use vinegar or lemon oil to remove mold and keep the caddy clean.

Regular cleaning of this wooden storage is quite important. Mold and mildew will thrive easily under the shelves if you do not apply the suggested cleaning solution. So, follow the trick shared here and your caddy will not catch mold ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is any assembly needed?

All the reviewed products come preassembled. Therefore, you do not need to assemble the caddy. However, all the shower caddies do not come preassembled, so check all the details carefully before placing an order.

  • Are shower caddies bad for a shower head?

No, bamboo shower caddies weigh just a few pounds. You can store limited toiletry products and therefore it cannot cause any damage to the showerhead.

  • Is a plastic or mesh shower caddy better?

A plastic or mesh shower caddy might cost a less expensive price, but it is not an eco-friendly option. It will break or crack after a few months and then you will need a new one!

  • How do you organize a shower caddy?

Use the shelves wisely, know the capacity of shelves and place products accordingly. You should also use hooks for hanging items.

  • How do I stop my shower caddy from falling?

Hang it over the showerhead and secure it with the suction cup to prevent it from falling.

Final thoughts:

You should use everything that makes your bathroom look attractive. A bamboo shower caddy is probably the most stylish thing you can keep in your bathroom to offer it a modernized appeal. Know your requirements and then pick one of the reviewed shower organizers for your home.

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