How To Keep Corner Shower Caddy From Falling?

Shower caddies are one of my favorite bathroom accessories, but they have a habit of falling off and making a mess of your bathroom.

And, when that happens, it’s a huge challenge that frustrates most of us, and we begin asking ourselves how to keep corner shower caddy from falling off.

One of my favorite methods to prevent the shower caddy from falling off the shower head is creating friction between the head pipe and caddy.

This can be quickly done by applying a rubber band, zip tie, or hose clamps, if you do it correctly, you won’t ever have to worry about your shower caddy ever falling. Let’s see how you can do this correctly.

In this post, we are going to discuss and tackle various issues in detail associated with how to keep your corner shower caddy from toppling over. With that, let’s begin!

How to make a shower caddy stick in 6 easy steps

This is a huge challenge for most of us. Keeping it from slipping is not as easy thing as it may seem, especially when it does not have the precise fit.

But here is the good news, in this section we are going to show you one of the simplest and easiest methods of keeping your caddy to stick.

The first thing that you need is three basic components: a ball of steel wool for those caddies coated by stainless steel or chromium, rubber band, and pliers.

  • First thing you need to disassemble the cap, head, and shower caddy using pliers
  • If the pipes in your bathroom are lined with chromium, you can use water and steel wool to clean them and remove soap scum and rust. For those whose pipes are made of stainless steel, the good news is they can be machine washed.
  • Now that the cap is in place, it should be easy to uninstall it as it requires the pressure you exert on it to pop it up.
  • Using a rubber band, tie it around the pipe with a few twists. Always ensure the rubber band is a bit loose to prevent it from breaking.
  • Re-install the caddy back on the shower, its recommended that you put it on top of the rubber band enhancing its grip
  • Pop back the head of the shower in place and pay special attention to make sure it doesn’t leak. If it leaks, secures it with Teflon tape to seal it completely. With, it will not fall out or slip.

Does shower caddy keep falling?

For those who aren’t fully convinced about the rubber band solution and are looking for a more reliable solution, if your shower caddy keeps on falling there are two more options that you can explore.

For the first option, if you don’t have accessories lying around the house, you can fix the falling with a $1 hose clamp.

You will also require tools for this one, but in most cases, they won’t have to take off the shower head to apply this solution. For this solution, they’ll need a bit stronger zip or hose clamp.

Another possible solution is tying a zip around the neck of your shower head, it tightens its grip, and it also prevents it from moving forward, which minimizes the chances of sliding off.

The zip tie solution comes with added benefits as it’s resistant to rust, and it’s quite affordable, which is a major plus for you as it is viable economically.

How to keep tension shower caddy from falling?

Tension shower caddies have been known to fall from time to time. It can be quite annoying to fix them, and we are going to give you simple solutions on how to keep the tension shower caddy from falling.

Most tension pole currently on the market is designed with springs and can get weaker over time, and it’s usually best to buy a new one because it is not much you can do about it.

But if the tension caddy is brand new, and it keeps falling every time, there is a big possibility that it is still in good condition. It might be too short and does not fit well or either it can be that you exert too much pressure on the tension caddy – you need to check on the weight limit of the product.

Do a spot check to ascertain if there is another reason that your caddy could be falling, one of the possible ways to fix the situation is to improve the friction.

You can do that by placing pieces of rubber between poles and floors and between poles and ceilings. You can also use heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape.

showering under caddy

How to hang a shower caddy on a tile?

Hanging your shower caddy on your shower head is not recommended as it leads to some plumbing problems. For this section, we are going to provide you with a great alternative to how to hang it on a tile.

The following are the crucial step that you should follow when hanging your shower caddy on tiles without the need to make markings or drill the tiles.

  • It’s vital always to clean the tile surface, which ensures it’s free of dirt if the walls are a bit dirty; use liquid soap to clean them and rinse with water. Let it dry; you can also opt for alcohol to dry it.
  • Wash the hook suction cup with warm water and shake it to remove excess water. Stick the cups on tiles and ensure no air particles enter as it may make the suction cup unstable
  • To hold the suction cups firmly in place, you can apply a silicone sealant on the outside lining of the cup. Let it settle for a day or two to ensure it completely dries off.


Have you ever wondered how you can prevent your corner shower caddy from falling?

Well, look no further; we have extensively discussed various ways on how you can firmly secure your shower caddy in place, giving you total peace of mind.

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