Teak Towel Rack: Top 9 Ladders, Hooks and Bar holders Reviewed

rack for towels made from teakA teak towel rack will not only provide more storage but also improve the interior appeal of your bathroom. There are two kinds of racks, freestanding and wall-mounted.

A freestanding teak towel rail eliminates the need for drilling and hanging a new element in the bathroom. Some shower caddies provide hooks to hang loofahs and towels.

Those hooks are never useful when it comes to hanging towels and garments. You need a dedicated stand to keep your clothes. That’s why you need a towel rack.

This post will help you in finding top-rated teak wood towel racks within a few minutes. So, continue reading and reveal the best models of towel racks for your bathroom.

9 Top Rated Teak Towel Racks Reviewed

There are many models of the teak towel rack. Each one is designed to fulfill the same purpose but in a different way. Build quality, durability, water-resistance capability, and many such features should be considered before buying one!

It can take time to assess all the different factors. You may not have that long time and you may want to place an order as soon as possible and this post will help you in doing that.

We have checked many towel racks, assessed and found the best designs, and reviewing racks with the best styles.

AquaTeak Teak Ladder Towel Rack

Sula Angled Teak Towel Stand Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for a towel rail with a simple design, buy AquaTeak Teak Ladder Towel Rack. Although it looks simple, its freestanding design will add more stars to the beauty of your bathroom. It weighs only 7 pounds and therefore it is quite easy to move anywhere you want!

This ladder rack has a space-saving design. It will cover minimum space on your bathroom floor and yet allow you to hang your towel, garments, and clothes together.

It offers a smart way of organizing the shower and bathroom. That’s why many people have bought this rack.

This towel rack is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Place it near the swimming pool to hang some towels. It will not stand as a bulky obstacle, but as a convenient stand to accommodate your towels.

Buy it if you want to get a stylish accessory for your home, which is built to provide years of satisfying service.

  • Built from sustainably harvested teak wood.
  • Only non-corroding stainless steel hardware is used to build this rack.
  • Waterproof and mildew-resistant.
  • A 30-day satisfaction and a 5-year replacement warranty!
  • Seems quite short, especially if you hang thick and heavy towels.

Asta Teak Free Standing Towel Rack

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Being made of fully solid teak wood material, the Asta teak free standing towel rack will enhance the interior beauty of any contemporary style bathroom. It is a spa rack because it offers a spa-like accent in the bathroom.

Designed specifically for spacious showers and bathrooms, this towel rack offers ample storage.

Exceptional build quality and clean lines make it a better performer in all conditions than other towel racks. You can set it on the pool side to hang bulky towels and also keep inside the bathroom to store clothes and towels.

Asta Furniture has used 100% plantation grad-A teak wood to build this beautiful towel rack. Hand-sanded wood gains natural shine and shows great resistance against water damage. Frequent moisture and humidity won’t affect the build quality of this rack.

You can expect years of unproblematic service from this rack. Its beauty, clean design, and durability make it the best shower rack for spacious bathrooms.

  • Shipped fully assembled.
  • Built from plantation-grown Grade-A teak wood.
  • Waterproof and mildew-proof.
  • Offering a bottom shelf and three bars to hang towels.
  • Suitable to place near swimming pools and set in baths and showers.
  • Not ideally suited for small-size bathrooms.

Kammika Teak Towel Ladder

Kammika Check price on Amazon

This teak towel ladder is another impressive way of resolving a lack of space issues in both small and large bathrooms. It is made of dense farmed teak and teak oil finish offers it a charming golden look.

Sturdy construction and natural beauty make this towel ladder one of the best you can buy today.

This towel ladder also offers an adjustable shelf. You can use this shelf to store necessary toiletry products. It will resolve storage issues in your bathroom.

Whether you want to store clothes, towels, or bathroom essentials, Kammika Import Export Co., Ltd Towel Ladder is the best solution for your needs.

Many people have bought this rack because they want to set some beautiful plants over it. Being waterproof and mildew-resistant, this rack does not deteriorate if you place it in the garden.

Regular moisture contact does not affect structural strength and that’s why you can place it anywhere you want.

  • Beautifully crafted and teak oil-coated towel ladder.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Offers an adjustable shelf for additional storage.
  • Hand-crafted in Thailand to be one of a kind.
  • It is an expensive towel rack!

JINMURY Teak Towel Hook

Wood Towel Hooks Check price on Amazon

Furniture designers are revealing some really innovative ways of organizing the home and the bathroom. The JINMURY teak towel hook is probably the best example of innovative thinking.

It is designed to fulfill only one purpose and that is holding your towel safely!

You get two wall-mounted teak wood hooks to hold towels. The manufacturer offered these hooks a wax finish to highlight the natural appeal of hardwood. Your guests will always find these hooks attractive and they will admire your approach of decorating the bathroom in a unique way.

Premium design and awesome build quality make these hooks exceptionally durable and capable of holding some heavy towels. These hooks dry quickly to prevent bacterial growth and maintain a hygienic space to hang towels.

Their space-saving design will allow you to add more elements in your bathroom.

  • Innovative and space-saving towel holder design.
  • Perfect to install in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Naturally waterproof and mildew-resistant.
  • These hooks dry very quickly.
  • Product replacement and refund guarantee by the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the performance.
  • You can only hang two towels at a time!

Original Sula Teak Freestanding Towel Rack With 2-Step Care Kit

Sula Versatile Teak Towel Rack Kit Check price on Amazon

Astha Spa Teak Freestanding Towel Rack is a remarkable choice, especially if you have limited space and seeking a clean rack design. This towel rack is best suited for contemporary style bathrooms that feature space-saving furniture and fixtures.

This towel rack offers three wide bars to hang towels. There are also four slots on both sides of the rack on which you can hang used clothes while taking a bath.

This towel rack covers limited space in the bathroom and quickly expands storage areas to hold towels, clothes, and other things.

Asta Furniture has used only genuine plantation grade-A teak wood to build this rack. Each bar of the rack is kiln-dried and hand-sanded to provide a shiny touch.

Superb build-quality and teak wood’s water-resistant capability makes it a wonderful towel stand for indoor and outdoor usage.

  • No assembly required.
  • Prepared from plantation grew 100% genuine teak wood.
  • Waterproof and mildew resistant.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • Offering three bars to hang towels.
  • Not ideal for small-size bathrooms.

Wholesale New Grade Teak Towel Holder

Wholesale Teak Towel Holder #WHAXTH Check price on Amazon

This teak towel holder is not as large as some previous towel holders but still provides ample space to hold three-four towels simultaneously. Its unique X design resembles racks found in some upscale spas. It is a freestanding rack and it will fit easily in a small space.

You should buy this towel holder if you are going to place a rack in the shower area. It will take minimum space but provide ample space to hold the towels and keep them dry.

Yes, this towel holder is made of 100% genuine teak wood and frequent moisture contact does not affect its build quality.

Although it looks like a foldable rack, you cannot fold it. It is a lightweight and space-saving solution for your bathroom. Shiny teak wood makes it waterproof and mildew-resistant. It would be quite easy to maintain this towel holder for years. Therefore, we recommend this beautiful X Design towel holder.

  • Featuring X Design that mimics towel holders found in luxurious spas.
  • Designed to keep towels close to your hand.
  • Prepared from 100% genuine teak wood.
  • Superb build quality and waterproof rack.
  • Expensive cost

SeaTeak Teak Towel Bar

Check price on Amazon

We often come across products, which are too simple and yet too impressive. The SeaTeak Teak Towel Bar is such a product. It is a simple bar attached to a teak wood frame. This bar offers sufficient space to hold a large size towel.

Being a wall-mounted towel bar, it comes with a durable frame that is easy to install on the wall. Yes, you will have to drill two holes in the wall to nail the frame. It will provide space to hold to a towel for many years once installed perfectly.

Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, you can use this bar to keep your towels dry.

It costs a very affordable price in comparison to other teak towel holders. It is made of 100% genuine teak wood and therefore it is strong enough to hold any large size towel.

As you already know, moisture and water won’t damage this towel bar. Therefore, you should buy it and use it.

  • Space-saving wall-mount design.
  • Made of 100% genuine teak wood.
  • Waterproof, mildew-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Mounting hardware is not shipped with this towel bar!

AquaTeak Teak Bath Stand

Three Tier Teak Bath Stand Check price on Amazon

AquaTeak always provides some innovative ways of making your bathroom clutter-free and well-organized. This teak bath stand works great as a towel stand and a shower organizer.

It weighs 23 pounds and offers a three-tier storage solution for towels, bathroom essentials, and other items.

You don’t need to install additional cabinets or buy a shower caddy if you own this stand. You can use its two shelves to store your soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc at the top, and the middle shelf for towels. You can easily store 3-4 thick and large-size towels at the same time.

This bath stand is designed to turn an ordinary bathroom into a beautiful spa. Ample space, beautiful design, and shiny finish make it one of the best towel racks built to date.

It costs more than several other towel racks, but additional features and storage make it a reasonably priced teak towel stand.

  • Extremely durable and beautifully designed towel rack.
  • Made of sustainably harvested teak wood.
  • Waterproof and mildew-resistant with vented shelves.
  • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee!
  • A 5-year warranty!
  • This towel rack weighs 23 pounds and therefore it is quite heavy.

AquaTeak Teak Towel Rack

Stand Check price on Amazon

Offering a 32” wide shelf at the bottom and three stainless steel bars at the top, the ALATEAK Towel Rack is a beautiful free-standing towel stand for your bathroom. Reddish teak wood and shiny stainless steel bars turn this towel holder into a beautiful bathroom element.

ALATEAK ships this towel holder unassembled. You will have to assemble each part of this towel stand to set it perfectly in the bathroom. Being made of 100% genuine teak wood and stainless steel, this rack is waterproof, mildew-resistant, and durable enough to survive for many years.

You can use this towel holder indoors and outdoors. Only non-corroding hardware is used to build it and this stand will stay firmly assembled for years.

  • Made of genuine teak.
  • Featuring stainless steel bars at the top and a wide shelf at the bottom.
  • Waterproof and mildew-resistant design.
  • Only non-corroding hardware used to build this rack.
  • Not shipped preassembled and you will need specific tools to assemble it properly!

Different Types of Teak Towel Racks

Four types of towel racks are used widely across the globe, which are as follows:

  • Teak towel ladder:

It is the most basic type of towel racks. You get it in the form of a ladder, which offers three to four bars to hang towels. We have included a towel ladder that also offers a shelf to store bathroom essentials, which is the best in this kind of rack.

  • Free standing towel rack:

Easy to move around, suitable to be used in a bathroom, laundry room, and also poolside, freestanding racks provide a lot of space for holding towels. You can also get top racks with a shelf at the bottom.

  • Wall-mounted teak towel rack:

It is another space-saving solution to hold towels safely in the bathroom. You have to install these wall-mounted racks on the wall and you will drill a few holes to mount the rack properly.

  • Teak towel holder:

This type of towel holder is quite lightweight and easy to move around. Many people buy this type of towel holder to use in spas and near the pool area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy teak towel racks?

You should buy the towel rack online and Amazon offers top-quality racks at very affordable prices.

How to care for a teak towel rack?

Use a mild cleaning agent to remove mold and dirt weekly and then rinse off the rack with clean water. That would be enough to keep it clean and maintain it for a long time.

Could towel hooks hold a blanket?

Blankets are quite heavy and ordinary towel hooks cannot hold them. However, a high-quality towel hook can provide satisfying results!


We have reviewed 9 towel racks in this post. You will find all kinds of racks and holders to organize your towels in the bathroom. Therefore, now it should not be tough for you to buy the best teak towel rack online.

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