Pebble Tile Shower Floor: 10 Best Pebble Stone Tiles for Your Shower

The Pebble Tile Shower Floor is drawing the attention of homeowners, who want the feel of walking on riverbanks or the beach. We all have collected pebbles and played with them during childhood. Now the same clast of rock is available to decorate the bathroom floor.

If you chose to have the pebble tile shower floor, you have come to the best platform to get it. The growing popularity of this new kind of floor has quickly raised their demands. I have gone through many cool options for pebble shower floors. I found it quite confusing to pick the best one for my home.

It can literally take hours to assess all those good options. Continue reading this post if you want to save time and pick the best pebble shower floor!

Is a pebble shower floor a good idea?

Installing pebbles on the shower floor requires flooring expertise and some patience. It’s not a DIY thing according to me, but you might be a DIY expert and you should try it.

So, is a pebble shower floor a good idea? I would say yes and many homeowners would agree with me. These natural stones can turn the ordinary bathroom floor into a timeless piece of art.

Many home décor experts believe the pebble tile shower floor is a perfect choice for a modern bathroom. You just need the best collection of pebble tiles to spruce up the shower floor and people will admire it!

The following benefits make pebble tile shower floor perfect for every bathroom:

  • Affordable cost:

Pebble tile installation cost is determined by the size and quality of the stone. It may cost between $5-$10 per square foot.

That’s still cheaper than stone flooring. So, you can have a beautiful floor in the shower without spending a lot of money!

  • Not slippery:

Pebble tiles are extremely attractive but less slippery. You will rarely ever lose your balance while taking a shower. That won’t be the case if you got the marble floor or normal tiles in the bathroom!

  • Comfortable:

Since the pebble floor looks uneven, many people think it’s quite uncomfortable. Being a genuine user, I would say that it’s the most comforting thing you can install in the shower area.

Those uneven stones feel like foot massager and the shower becomes a refreshing experience.

Best Pebble Shower Floor on the Market

Assessing several options to shortlist the best pebble shower floor is a painful task. It requires a good understanding of the product so that you can pick the top-quality tile.

It’s a time-consuming process and I’m going to make it fast for you. Check the Top 10 pebble tile shower floor reviews to pick the best available on the market!

Rain Forest Mixed Sliced High-Polish Pebble Stone Floor Tiles

Rain Forest pebble stone floor Check price on Amazon

It’s the best pebble stone floor tile you can get to craft the most eye-catching rock tile shower floor. It features natural and flawlessly polished pebbles.

Their flexible mesh backing makes the flooring job much easier. You can create an impressive mosaic look with minimal effort.

It will offer a custom touch to your home renovation efforts. Whether you want a pebble tile shower floor or a naturally decorated wall, this product should be your top pick!

  • All stones are natural
  • Multi-color pebbles for a more artistic floor
  • Perfectly polished stones to comfort your feet
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects
  • Five tiles in each pack for the rock tile shower floor
  • You may need more than five tiles if want to renovate other areas
  • Not the best choice to decorate large areas

Margo River Rock Shower Floor

Check price on Amazon

You get five tiles of 5 square feet in size when placing the order for the Margo Garden River Rock Shower Floor.

These pebble tiles have been introduced to decorate multiple areas. You can install these tiles on the shower floor, bathroom walls, and also outdoor areas.

Many homeowners chose these tiles to decorate their patios and poolside areas to get the beach-like appeal.

Each stone is perfectly polished and there are no sharp edges. You are going to enjoy walking on these tiles.

  • Beautifully polished stones make these tiles perfect for the shower floor
  • Multi-color pebbles have comforting and massaging effects
  • These tiles are also suitable for commercial uses
  • Mesh backing keeps stones together for easy installation
  • Affordable cost
  • You should handle tiles gently because stones can come off the mesh!
  • It’s not the right choice for you if you want the same color stones

Hominter 10-Sheets Pebble Porcelain Tile

Check price on Amazon

It is the first pebble porcelain tile on our list. It’s famous for its unique glossy finish. Hominter claims that there will be zero water absorption and this tile is also slightly slippery-resistant.

It can be a perfect choice for your beautiful pebble shower floor!

I like it because of its abrasion resistance. You can install it around the pool, in the bathroom, patio, and backsplash.

It’s my top third pick because of limited color options. You can easily cover up to 11 sq ft area with these tiles and therefore many homeowners chose this product.

  • Flawlessly crafted 11 tiles to cover 11 sq ft area
  • Differently shaped stones offer these tiles a charming look
  • Random variation in the color tone
  • Fambe flower effect
  • Packed perfectly to prevent damage
  • These tiles are not completely slip-resistant!
  • Limited stone colors

Margo Garden White Pebble Shower Floor

White pebble tile Check price on Amazon

Do you want to create the illusion of pebbles covered under clean shallow water? You will need the Margo Garden White Pebble Shower Floor to get it done.

These tiles are made of white-colored stones. All the stones vary in size and shape, but their tone does not change. There are five tiles in each case to cover a 5 sq ft area with a beautiful pebble floor.

I would recommend these pebble tiles only if you wish to install the same color stones on your bathroom floor.

These tiles are easy to install and maintain. You will love the look of the bathroom floor once the installation is finished!

  • Best tiles to get the white pebble shower floor
  • These tiles are also great to decorate patio, kitchen, backsplash, and walls
  • Affordable price
  • All-natural pebbles
  • Only white color pebbles
  • Stones don’t look well-polished

River Rock Tile Shower Floor

Check price on Amazon

Buyers have not only decorated their bathroom floor but also their bathroom walls with these tiles. This river rock tile shower floor from Margo Garden looks quite unique.

Offering five tiles to install in a 5 sq ft area, Margo Garden assures that tiles are slip-resistant and quite durable.

Whether you are renovating the kitchen, patio, or backyard, or planning to install a new bathroom floor, consider these tiles.

This river rock tile shower floor is going to offer a unique look to your bathroom. You will get a refreshing shower along with a relaxing foot massage on this pebble tile shower floor.

  • Uniquely shaped tiles
  • Perfectly polished pebbles on each tile
  • These stones have massaging effects when you walk or stand over them
  • Beautiful colors of stones make these tiles perfect to decorate the floor and walls
  • These tiles are costly
  • Not quite slip-resistant

HaiDe Tile Porcelain Faux Pebble Mosaic Tile

Check price on Amazon

You will certainly make up your mind now if you haven’t picked the pebble tile shower floor yet. The HaiDe Tile Porcelain Pebble Mosaic Tiles are extremely impressive.

Each stone on these tiles got a diamond-like appeal. These tiles are perfect for faux pebble shower floors and many buyers are happy with their quality.

HaiDe Tile promises to customize the size of the tiles according to your demands. You can also use them to decorate walls, ceilings, tabletops, and salons.

  • Beautifully shaped pebbles on each tile
  • Suitable to install on both interior and exterior floors
  • The appealing choice to decorate commercial places
  • Eye-catching colors to create the best faux pebble shower floor
  • These tiles are costly
  • It can take up to 20 days to ship the tiles

Sliced Pebble Tile Shower Floor

Sliced pebble tile shower floor Check price on Amazon

Margo Garden is offering many creative ways of decorating the bathroom floor, walls, and other areas.

Its sliced pebble tile shower floor is equipped with flawlessly sliced pebble stones. Each tile contains multi-color stones and those stones are glued to a durable mesh.

Even though you want to décor the shower floor, I would suggest creating a column of pebble tiles in the bathroom. It will become the most beautiful part of your house!

  • These tiles are slip-resistant and beautiful
  • Each pack contains five tiles, which are large enough to easily decorate the entire shower area
  • Best choice to create the look of sliced pebble tile shower floor
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • These Margo Garden pebble tiles are a bit costlier
  • Not an ideal choice for outdoor use!

White Rock Shower Floor

White Pebble Stone Tile Check price on Amazon

Not every homeowner wants a multi-color rock shower floor. Therefore, we chose the White Jade Flat Natural Pebble Stone Mosaic to help you!

You should consider this pebble stone mosaic if you wish to take a shower over an all-white pebble tile shower floor.

  • All pebble stones have marble-like appeal
  • Flat pebble stones create a flat rock shower floor
  • Pebbles are slightly rough to offer an anti-slippery surface to take a comforting bath
  • Gained top ratings from buyers!
  • Avoid this product if you want a multi-color pebble tile
  • Covers only a 1 sq ft area

Red Sliced Pebble Tile

Red sliced pebble tile Check price on Amazon

Margo Garden got the best collection of sliced pebble tile. Therefore, I chose multiple products from this brand. These red sliced pebble tiles are perfect to decorate the bathroom wall.

You can install these tiles on the shower floor, bathroom walls, area around the pool, or in your patio. Each sliced pebble tile is 12”x12” in size and you get 5 tiles in a pack.

Therefore, this tileset must be on your list. Beautiful red stones will get darker in color with time and give your shower floor a charming look!

  • Each tile is equipped with perfectly sliced red pebbles
  • Different size stones are ideal to decorate the bathroom wall
  • Natural and well-polished stones for a charming look of the pebble tile shower floor
  • Stones have different texture to comfort your feet
  • These tiles are also costlier than our top pick
  • Floor might feel a bit slippery after installation

Black Natural Pebble Shower Floor

Black Natural Pebble Shower Floor Check price on Amazon

How about installing all-black pebble stone tiles on the shower floor? It’s a unique idea, especially if you got light colors on the walls and countertops.

Your black pebble shower floor will be beautiful, slip-resistant, and quite unique. Glass Tile Factory can quickly ship these tiles to your home if the renovation work is in progress.

You will get enough stones to cover a 10 sq ft area in your washroom. That’s why we picked these tiles for the charming black pebble shower floor.

  • All pebble stones are dark black, something unique for your home
  • All stones are natural and picked from the riverbed!
  • Durable mesh
  • Quick shipping
  • It’s not a perfect solution for your pebble tile shower flooring needs if you seek a multi-color pebble tile

What type of grout is perfect for the pebble shower floor?

pebble shower floor

What type of grout for the pebble shower floor? This question has troubled floor installers for quite a while.

You should strictly avoid urethane-type grouts when installing the pebble shower floor. A standard cement grout will do the job.

You can also ask the installer to use high-performance cement grout, such as Ultracolor, Prism, or Permacolor.

Many custom pebble tile builders recommend unique grouts designed to make the floor look awesome.

You can also consult with the floor installing company if you are hiring one to install the pebble tile shower floor.

Installing pebble tile shower floor

Follow the below-given tips while installing a pebble tile shower floor in your bathroom:

  • Install the pebble tiles before you install the wall tiles to avoid an unnecessary gap between the wall tiles and floor tiles.
  • Make sure you can easily see the pebble tile behind the mesh to ensure stones won’t come off while installing tiles.
  • Spread pebble stone tiles on the floor to see how they fit. Thus, you will have a rough idea of how to shape a perfect pebble stone floor.
  • Fit all tiles perfectly to create a perfect look of the floor.
  • Clean the shower floor perfectly to remove dust and dirt before installation.
  • Use dark-colored grout if you got multi-color tiles and white color thin set if you got all white tiles.
  • Place the tiles at the top of the grout and then push those tiles to install perfectly. Don’t begin the wall tile installation work until the shower floor is ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pebble shower floor hard to clean?

The pebble shower floor is a little bit trickier to clean than the regular bathroom floor, but not that hard! I’ve created a simple guide to help homeowners clean their pebble shower floor. Check it now to learn more!

Do pebble shower floors need to be sealed?

Yes, you need to seal the pebble shower floor to protect and maintain it for years. Buy a high-quality sealer to seal all the tiles and then install them.

Thus, your shower floor pebbles won’t come off for many years!

What to seal the pebble shower floor with?

You can use ceramic tile, natural stone, slate, or quartz sealer. A clear sealer is my first choice for the perfect appeal of the floor. Try the 511 Impregnator Sealer by Miracle Sealants!

Do pebble shower floors hurt?

No, pebble shower floors do not hurt at all! These stones make the floor feel cozy, comforting, and a little bumpy!


A pebble tile shower floor is indeed the most beautiful thing to have in the bathroom. Just check some pictures on the internet and you will see how it decors the entire area.

You already know about the best pebble tile shower floor. Get it now and you will have a luxurious-looking shower section in the bathroom.

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