Best Non Slip Bath Mats For Elderly: Safety Mat To Prevent Slips and Falls

The first place where we begin to notice the decline in the health of the elderly is usually the bathroom, it’s very easy for them to have accidents in the bathroom which can cause severe health conditions.

However, these occurrences can be avoided if we buy them the best non-slip bath mat for the elderly. Studies have shown that 80% of all fall accidents occur in the bathroom, and this is not a fact that should be taken lightly.

In this article, we are going to provide a detailed summary of the top non-slip shower mats for seniors and the elderly. So, let’s get to it!

When buying shower safety mat make sure they have these features

Buying a shower safety mat for the elderly is a wise and informed decision that will protect the elderly as well as save you money in terms of hospital costs. Before we delve any deeper, let us first talk about factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a top shower safety mat.

Below are some of the qualities that you’ll need to pay special attention to:

Easy to clean

The last thing that we want the elderly to do is spending their time cleaning bath mats. But cleaning is inevitable, but we can make sure that the shower safety mats they use are easy to clean.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, textile mats are the hardest to clean while the rubber mats are relatively easy to clean.


Bacteria are virtually everywhere; however, if they become a lot, it can become quite detrimental, especially to the elderly, and the bathroom is the perfect place to develop as it gets quite wet. Thus, its vital to buy bath mats that have been treated with anti-bacterial solutions. Bamboo and teak non-slip shower mats should be at the top of your list.

Ability to dry fast

The primary role of a bath rug is to minimize the chances of slipping. It’s always essential to purchase a bath mat that dries quickly because stepping on a wet surface is quite uncomfortable.

Anti-slip features

When you are in the market for a bath rug, I always recommend to my readers to go for brands that come with additional non-skid features such as suction cups and non-skid pads, which minimizes chances of slipping.

Best non-slip shower mat for elderly

Over an extended period, we have reviewed plenty of non-slip bath mats for the elderly, and we’ve chosen five of the best non-slip mats on the market.

What we paid special attention to when it came to the best, there is are ease of use, quality, and design, just to mention a few.

Gorilla Grip Patented Bath

shower mat patented Check Price On Amazon

If you are in the market for a clean and simple bath mat, the Gorilla grip is the perfect option for you. The shower mat is designed with 324 Gorilla Grip suction cups that will hold it firmly in place, preventing any chances of slipping or falling, making it an excellent choice for home, gym, or spa.

Gorilla grip comes with a sufficient standing space measuring 35 x 16 inch providing you with a wide surface area. It’s also designed with small holes underneath it, which allows free circulation of water and air minimizing mold growth.

Other exciting features are, the bath mat is completely mildew and anti-bacterial resistant, Latex Free, Phthalate-free, latex-free, and non-toxic, making it suitable for the elderly with allergic conditions.

What makes Gorilla Grip bath mat one of my favorites is the fact that it’s completely machine washable, which maintains its fresh and original look. All you need to do is toss it in the washing machine with mild detergent and cold water, and it will look brand new; remember to always wash it before using it for the first time.

Lastly, it comes with a 10-year warranty that will cover all the defects and damage during operations. And if you aren’t impressed with the non-slip bath mat for the elderly, you can always return it.

  • Its machine washable
  • Designed with holes throughout the bath mat
  • Mildew and bacterial resistant
  • Completely non-toxic
  • It’s not suitable for textured or tiled surface
  • After sometimes it emits an uncomfortable odor

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat

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The Gorilla Grip Original was explicitly made for large bathrooms and tubs. The slip-resistant shower mat measures 44 Inch x 26 Inch, providing you with excellent coverage, unlike other bath mats that leave vast areas around your tub exposed.

One of the exciting features is the non-slip rug can be machine washed and dried at the same time, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain. It’s also designed with the more expensive TP Rubber backing enhancing its strength and durability, giving you full value for your money.

Gorilla grip comes with the ultra-plush, and chic shag that is comfortable and warm to step on that will protect you from the cold floor. What makes it even more special the plushness and density of the pile exceed that of most bath mats on the market.

The shower safety mat is made from ultra-absorbent, thick, and high-pile of Chenille fabric that will prevent your floors from getting wet as it ensures all the moisture remains trapped within the thick pile allowing the mat to dry up quickly.

The shower bath mat comes with a wide range of sizes and color options, providing you with a wide pool to select from matching your bathroom décor and as well as overall taste and preference.

  • Wide coverage area
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Dries up quickly
  • Made of quality materials
  • Some users have complained the Chenille fabric comes off with time.

Yimobra Original Bath Tub Shower Safety Mat

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Yimobra has all the qualities that you want from a modern shower mat. Yimobra is designed with 200 special big suction cups; the bigger suction cups are designed to absorb more holding the floor strongly while the smaller suction cups will enable the rug to stay smooth along the floor surface.

The Yimobra original has a large surface area with dimensions of40-inch x 16 inches that will provide the elderly with a large coverage area to freely move around it compared to other mats which leave huge spaces around the tub or bathroom area.

The shower mats for the elderly are machine washable, facilitating easy maintenance. All you have to do is place it on a washing machine and it will be as good as new and maintaining its appearance.

It’s also non-toxic, Phthalate-free, latex, and BPA-free, so it’s entirely safe for the elderly. Yimobra is suitable for even, non-textured, and smooth floors and will not attach on oily and slippery surfaces providing you with all-round protection.

Lastly, Yimobra is extremely lightweight and comes in a wide variety of colors catering to your taster and preference.

  • Durable
  • Comes with great features
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • It can be quite large for small showers

The Original Gorilla Grip

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If you are an elder citizen who loves his/her accessory well-designed, then the Gorilla Grip is the best option for you. The shower mat is designed with more than a hundred Gorilla Grip suction cups whose sole purpose is to hold it in place firmly.

It comes with a generous size of 21 x 21 inch providing you with sufficient coverage area for you to stand on unlike other bath mats on the market. Throughout the mat are small holes that allow water to circulate freely for quick-drying, which eliminates mold growth.

This shower safety mat is completely mildew & anti-bacterial resistant, latex-free, non-toxic, Phthalate-free, and no toxic smell, which makes it suitable for the elderly who have a myriad of allergies and ailments.

The Gorilla Grip Original is machine washable, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning giving it a fresh appearance; it’s always recommended to wash it when it brand new. To maintain its original look and feel, you can rinse and dry it to remove dirt build-up and oils.

If you aren’t satisfied with its quality, you can contact the manufacturer and will be assisted further. The bath rug 10-year warranty will cover any type of damage, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • Machine washable.
  • Anti-bacteria and mildew resistant.
  • Easy to wash
  • Has excellent slip-resistance
  • Develops odor after some time

Epica Anti-Slip bath mat

Epica Check Price On Amazon

Epica anti-slip is a small mat that is suitable for small tubs or for the elderly who don’t like to move much when showering. Epica features more than 100 high-strength suction cups that will secure your mat firmly on the smooth surface, preventing any chance of slipping.

It also features an anti-slip rubber bath rug that will provide all-around protection minimizing chances of injuries occurring while in the bathroom. Epica bath mat is easy to clean and maintain as its machine washable.

Epica is also anti-bacterial and mold and mildew resistant, making it perfect for moist conditions. Its neutral color tone will match any bathroom décor accentuating the overall look of your bathtub area, making it look colorful and attractive.

With dimensions of 16” x 28”, the shower rug will elegantly cover a huge space of your tub area, ensuring your feet don’t get wet or you don’t slip. Other exciting features are the anti-slip bath mat is non-toxic and latex-free and can be used by the elderly to bath.

Unlike other non-slip bath mats for the elderly, Epica anti-slip is extremely solid and will provide maximum grip regardless of the surface that’s on.

  • Suitable for small shower
  • Offer excellent grip
  • Anti-bacterial
  • It’s latex-free
  • Has no hole for drainage
  • Limited color options.

Five reasons to use non-slip shower mats for the elderly

With advancing age, it comes with a lot of limitations like reduced mobility, imbalance, and lack of coordination. It’s not uncommon for a senior to break a hip or a leg in the bathroom; hence the reason for a non-slip bath mat for the elderly, it’s truly a lifesaver.

If the elderly is an advanced age or live alone, the non-slip bath mat is vital for their health and well-being. Here are some of the reasons why the non-slip shower mat is essential:

Versatile use

One of the things that I love about shower safety mats is that they come with a wide range of performance and variety. They can be placed inside a tub or shower, or you can choose to place them outside the showering area.

Pleasant to step-on

Shower mats are tailor-made with patterns and designs that will cater to sensitive feet. Nobody likes to step on a wet and slippery surface after a hot bath. A non-slip shower mat for the elderly will provide warm comfort to your feet and ensure its completely dry.

Enhanced safety

Slipping in the bathroom can cause injuries, especially to the elderly who have poor reflexes. The non-slip rags will provide stability and security while bathing.

Clean area

Most of the shower mats are mold & mildew resistant as well as anti-bacterial; this is an essential feature as it will minimize the growth of micro-organism or bacterial boosting good overall health.


Non-slip mats cost the same as the normal or standard bath rags. So, why not opt for safety even if it might cost more.

Safety shower mats for elderly by materials

Safety shower mats for the elderly are made of a wide range of different materials enabling you to pick the one that works best for you. Some of the different materials used include:


They are mostly made of beautiful and soft material making it suitable to stand on. However, they can quite hard to be dried or maintained, allowing bacteria or mold to grow.

  • Comfortable to step on
  • Cannot be used inside the tub
  • Does not dry quickly


The rubber shower mats are relatively inexpensive and lightweight. It’s easy to maintain and clean, and even though they are not of good quality, you can easily replace them due to low price-point.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Not of good quality


Bamboo is a more reasonable option as it cost half the price of teak. It performs just as well as a non-slip teak mat, but it requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

  • Comfortable to step on
  • Comes with an elegant design
  • Requite frequent cleaning

Teak wood

It’s the most expensive type of shower mats, they are of good quality and will last you for a long time.

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • It’s a bit pricy

Ways to improve bathroom safety for seniors

The safety shower mats for the elderly are not the only accessory that provides security to the elderly. The shower mats can also be customized to improve the shower experience and security. It includes:

Non-slip adhesive strips

The strips can be placed on open and smooth surfaces of the shower mat that will minimize the chances of slipping or tripping over.

Use a shower chair

For the elderly with limited mobility, shower chairs can be a great addition as it will assist the elderly in terms of support and movement.

Installing a tension pole

Instead of using grab bars there is another excellent alternative that’s the installation floor to ceiling tension pole making it easier for them to move around the shower area quickly

Install grab bars

The grab bars can be firmly bolted in place, which makes sitting or standing up to be relatively easier. Note that the color of the bars to be different from the walls for enhanced visibility. For improved safety, you can consider installing a gripped surface instead of the one with a glossy finish.


A shower safety mat is an excellent addition to the bathroom/shower area for the elderly; not only does it provide safety but also makes showering an enjoyable experience. With the best non-slip bath mats for the elderly, you will never have to worry about your loved ones getting hurt. Ciao!

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