Funny Bath Mats That Will Make You Smile [Updated 2022]

Every person needs a great start in the morning and a funny bath mat can provide that pleasing feeling. You work hard to earn money and respect. Everything should be perfect when you are getting ready for the challenges of the day. A comfy touch on your feet is way more relaxing and soothing than ordinary bathroom mats.

You also know that normal rugs and mats don’t do anything special for you, but fun bath mats can do it. There are some great options in bath mats, but we have reviewed 10 top-rated mats, which offer the best features. So, find a perfect match for your demands now!

Where to Buy Funny bathroom mats

There should be something to put a smile on your face as you prepare yourself for the day. A little chuckle is all you need to get a positive start. Get funny bathroom mats and you will always have a beautiful reason to smile.

There are some beautiful bath mats designed by some reputable artists. One of these bath mats can be a perfect selection for your home. All of them seem appealing at a glance, but buyers admired only some selected mats.

We have assessed bath mats and picked the most feature-rich mats for reviews. We made sure that the bath mat is easy to maintain and built of high-quality material. We have also paid attention to the comfort and funny design of the bath mat. Therefore, you can trust our selection for buying the most beautiful funny bath mats.

You can easily find some options in a funny bath mat at local retail outlets. However, it would be tough to ensure great build quality along with comfort and performance. You may also spend way more than an online retailer would ever charge.

Online stores provide the best options in products and cost more affordable prices than local retailers. Therefore, online stores are the best destinations to buy top-quality bath mats.

Top 15 Funny Bath Mat Reviews

1. EverGrace Foam Bath Mat

funny bathroom mat Check price on Amazon

EverGrace Foam Bath Mat has quite a funny message for you, which is “get naked”. You might get habitual of seeing that message, but it will put a smile on your guests’ faces. This 20”x30” fun bath mat is designed to offer extra comfort.

This get naked bath mat provides you with ultra-soft coral velvet fleece and 1.4cm thick memory foam for additional comfort. It is renowned for soothing muscle aches. You would love to stand a couple of seconds on this mat while stepping out of the bathroom.

Its “SBR” anti-skid bottom keeps this rug stable. You won’t slip if you take long steps out of the bathroom. In addition, it is machine washable, and do not worry about color fading. You have 23 color options to choose from. It will be quite easy to pick a funny rug that matches your home’s interior.

  • Ultra-soft coral velvet along with a thick memory foam layer offers soothing comfort.
  • 23 color options.
  • Anti-skid bottom.
  • Machine washable.
  • Top-rated after-sale service from EverGrace.

A few buyers are not happy with the build quality.

2. Clean AF Bath Mat

Clean Af Bath Mat Check price on Amazon

Funny rugs always come with a funny and attention-grabbing message. The clean AF bath mat is one of them. You should always feel better after getting out of the shower. You should feel clean and fresh and that’s what this rug says to you.

It is a practical solution for your needs. Being built of 100% memory foam microfiber, Clean AF offers soothing comfort with each step. Do not worry about slipping and falling down because this rug has anti-slip backing. You can be a little careless and forget about skidding and falling down.

It is designed to absorb excess water quickly and dry within a few minutes. There is no need to worry about maintenance because you can clean this rug in your washing machine. It is not designed for dry cleaning, so avoid that cleaning process.

  • Top-quality construction.
  • It offers the comfort of memory foam and microfiber.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Machine washable.
  • It costs a more expensive price than normal rugs.

3. IntroWizard Bloody Bath Mat

Bloody Bath Mat Check price on Amazon

It is a bath mat that turns red when wet. It can be a perfect Halloween gift for someone who does not like a ghost and gloomy objects. You can scare anyone with this unique rug and see how that person reacts.

Most of the buyers chose this rug because of its color-changing effect. It is equipped with a thin plastic sheet that reacts with water and turns the contacted surface red. Suppose your feet are wet and you are standing on this rug, your footstep will appear bloody red on this bath mat.

It is not one of those painted footprint mats. It will look clean before you step over it. Your footprints will look bloody red only if your feet are wet. This special feature makes it the funniest bathroom doormat a person can buy.

  • Color changing mat that turns red as you step on it.
  • Genuine bloody mat with color-changing capability.
  • Almost invisible thickness.
  • An awesome gift for horror genre fans.
  • This 25.5”x39.3” bath mat offers ample space for sanding.
  • It serves more like a scaring object than a rug.

4. Ambesonne Hello Bath Mat with Romantic Message

Ambesonne Hello Bath Check price on Amazon

There is no better way to start a day than reminding yourself that “you are beautiful”. It is probably the most encouraging thing you can say to yourself. That’s why Ambesonne has designed its hello beautiful bath mat.

This rug is 29.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches long. It looks like a decorative mat; it is made of top-quality material and comes with anti-slip backing. You can place it over the tiled floor and wooden flooring. It will stick to the floor and prevent you from falling down due to skidding.

The manufacturer has used cutting-edge technology to print “Hello Beautiful” on the mat. It won’t fade away with time. You have 38 color options to choose from and therefore you can easily pick a mat that fits in your interior décor plans.

  • Durable construction.
  • 38 amazing color options.
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain.
  • Printed with a positive message for a great start in the morning.
  • Anti-slip backing.
  • It is an expensive bathroom doormat.

5. BaboLye Squeeze the Day Bath Mat

BaboLye Squeeze The Day Rugs Check price on Amazon

This beautiful squeeze the day bath mat is ultra-comfy. It is an awesome choice for your home, apartment, office, and store. Keep the floor clean by placing this velvety and luxurious bath mat at the door. It is an ultra-absorbent rug that quickly soaks all the excess water from your feet.

It is made of polyester and foam. Its super absorbent fibers can easily wipe water and dirt off your feet. You will get clean feet every time you step over this mat. It won’t slip whether you place it over the hardwood floor or tiles. Its rubberized anti-slip backing prevents this mat from skidding.

You can wash it in a washing machine and remove all the germs accumulated on the mat. It is quite simple to maintain and durable enough to offer years of unproblematic service. You can also place it on the front door if you do not want people to come in with dirt and mud in their feet.

  • It is a 15.8”x23.6” doormat with great build quality.
  • Super absorbent top material removes dirt and water immediately.
  • Anti-skid backing.
  • Machine washable.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Its anti-skid properties are not so reliable.

6. Googly Eyes Bath Memory Foam

Eyes Big Mat Googly Check price on Amazon

Sometimes some simple objects can make life quite entertaining and Googly eyes bath mat is one of them. It is a super cute and attractive rug for your home. Your kids would love to keep it at the door of their bathroom.

Being made of 100% memory foam microfiber, this mat perfectly distributes your balance and offers additional comfort to your feet. This rug is also equipped with slip-resistant backing to ensure you won’t accidentally fall on the floor after taking a refreshing shower.

It is a perfect décor item for your home if you are decorating the interior in a personalized way. This rug is quite stylish and feels luxurious to your feet. Its super water absorption capacity will help you in keeping your floor clean and dry all the time.

  • It is a super water-absorbent mat.
  • 100% memory foam microfiber offers it a lavish appeal.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sleep-resistant backing.
  • You do not get color options to choose from.

7. Yohoba You Look Good Naked Coral Fleece

You Look Good Check price on Amazon

This funny bath mat has quite a funny message for you and that is “You Look Good naked”. It is absolutely funny and also somewhat inspiring. This you look good bath mat offers supreme comfort to your feet as you walk out of the bathroom. You would love to stand for a while before you get into your bedroom.

Its anti-slip feature is more reliable than other bathroom rugs available at local stores. This 16”x24” rug offers ample space to stand and wipe out excess water of your body. Its water absorption capacity is much higher than ordinary rugs. Besides, this doormat dries quickly to prevent germ accumulation.

Your guests will find it a strange and funny object in your home. You can also buy it as a present for someone you like or love.

  • Perfect size and impressive build quality.
  • Great water absorption capacity.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Anti-skid backing.
  • It has a funny message for all.
  • The printed message might fade away.

8. Peachy Clean Bath Mat

Peachy Clean Check price on Amazon

A peachy clean bath mat is an impressively shaped rug for your home, office, and store. Its unique shape and funny message make it a beautiful rug to place anywhere in the home or workplace. This rug measure 55x63cm in size and it is made of durable microfiber and TPR Latex material.

You will feel like standing on a luxurious hotel’s bath mat as you will step on this peachy clean rug. It is easy to clean and designed to dry much faster than other rugs. You can put it in the machine and wash it to remove all the germs and dirt accumulated in the mat. Get it now if you want to decorate your beautiful home in a funny way.

  • TPR Latex and microfiber combination makes it quite durable.
  • Perfect size and unique design.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial places.
  • Great water absorption capacity.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The manufacturer did not reveal anything about this mat’s slip-resistant capacity.

9. You Look Gorgeous Mat

You Look Gorgeous Check price on Amazon

It seems awesome when someone compliments you that you look so beautiful. Women often get such compliments but what if you have nobody around you to give a positive start to your day? Get the You Look Gorgeous mat. This polyester mat will encourage you to smile and do better in your life.

It feels luxurious and its durable design allows you to clean it in a more rigorous way. This mat measures 15.7”x23.6”x40cmx60cm. It won’t let you experience muscle ache if you stand over it for prolonged periods. Its rubberized backing prevents accidental backing and increases safety. Therefore, it is one of the best bathroom doormats you can buy today.

  • Durable construction.
  • Large size.
  • Anti-slip rubber backing.
  • Available in ten beautiful colors.
  • Absorbs moisture faster.
  • Print can fade away with time.

10. Emvecy Winky

Emvency Doormats Check price on Amazon

Emvency is offering an impressive collection of funny and designer rugs. The Winky Eye Bath Mat is a simple but interesting rug from this brand. It is a 24×16 inch doormat. This beautiful rug is made of flannelette fabric. This fabric is popular as a water-absorbent material and it also dries much faster.

You get memory foam’s comfort below your feet whenever you clean your wet feet over this rug. It will soothe the muscle ache of your feet and allow you to relax for a while after taking a bath.

Do not worry about skidding and falling because it has a slip-resistant polyester rubber with PVC dots. You can easily clean in a washing machine and tumble dry it at low temperature or simply hang it in the sunlight.

  • Made of highly absorbent and quick-drying material.
  • Equipped with memory foam to offer additional comfort.
  • Anti-slip backing with PVC dots.
  • Machine washable and easy to maintain.
  • 31 color options.
  • It might slip if placed over the wet surface.

11. SUPFENG 3-Piece Bath Mat Set

Piece Bathroom Set Check price on Amazon

This beautiful and quirky bath mat set is made of a sturdy and heat-resistant flannel top. It comes with neoprene rubber backing to prevent slipping. You can place it in the shower area, over the toilet seat, and in front of the toilet seat to keep your feet dry. Beautiful cat drawings make this mat look more attractive.

The bath mat measures 34”x21”, the contour rug measures 20”x20” and the toilet cover measures 16”x18” in size. Their stylish design, durable construction, and perfect size make them impressive rugs for any bathroom in your home.

These mats dry quickly and these are machine washable mats. It will be much easier to clean and maintain these rugs in comparison to other bathroom and shower mats. Therefore, this rug set is an awesome choice for your home.

  • 40 color options.
  • Made of heat-resistant material.
  • It does not slip.
  • A perfect set to offer optimum comfort in the bathroom.
  • Great for decorating the bathroom in a funny and stylish way.
  • This funny bath mat set is expensive.

12. Novelty Bath Mat

MAYSHINE Check price on Amazon

If you are tired of buying old designs’ bath mats, you should look for novelty bath mat. Amazon offers a great collection of new and stylish rugs. These rugs are unique in shape and design. Their build quality is simply awesome and you won’t find any flaw in terms of comfort and slip-resistance.

Say no to any old-style bath rug because new designs are available at affordable prices. Try the Gorilla Grip or bloody Shower mat, which are totally new and perfect to scare anyone. You can choose a heart-shaped machine-washable rug that is a perfect gift for someone you love. The market is now flooded with such unique designs. So, consider novelty rugs instead of buying the same old-style rugs.

  • New funny designs.
  • Better build quality.
  • Anti-slip backing.
  • Foam for additional comfort.
  • Great for sharing as a gift.
  • Expensive price.

13. Zacathan432 Area Rug 20×32

So Fresh & So Clean Bath Mat Check price on Amazon

We take a shower to stay clean and feel fresh. What if you are feeling sleepy, took the bath, and there is no one to encourage you? Get the so fresh and so clean bath mat from Zacathan432. This beautiful rug will offer you an instant boost and soothe your feet as long as you stand on it.

It is a 32”x32” bath rug with non-slip rubber back. It is designed to be fade and wear-resistant and therefore you can take rough use of this bath mat without worrying about damaging it.

It quickly soaks water, dirt, dust, mud, and grit from your feet to keep your interior clean and germ-free. This rug also dries faster to ensure the next person taking bath will get a wet surface to dry his/her feet.

  • A stylish rug to decorate the bathroom.
  • Made of durable fade and wear-resistant material.
  • Anti-slip rubber back.
  • Expertly crafted rug for better comfort and performance.
  • 26 color options to choose from.
  • No memory foam or additional comforting material.

14. Pragovle Memory Foam

Pragovle Check price on Amazon

Covered with soft, snug, and ultra-soft microfiber, the Pragovle fun non-slip bath mats ensure your feet touch a luxurious surface whenever you step out of your bathtub. Its thick padded foam support improves comfort level and you might not like to step out for a while to enjoy the touch of this bath mat.

It is ultra-absorbent and equipped with a non-slip bottom to prevent accidents. Your feet will be dry because this mat will absorb all the water from your feet. Cleaning and maintenance is quite simple because you can wash this mat in a washing machine.

Multiple color options work like icing on a cake. However, most of the buyers complained about slipping. Its anti-slip backing is not as good as other rugs listed in this blog. So, beware of this fact while placing the order.

  • Ultra-soft and comfortable.
  • Ultra absorbent fabric.
  • Slip-resistant bottom.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • 4 beautiful color options.
  • Even though the brand says it is slip-resistant, it can slip easily.

15. Funky Bathroom Mat

Darkyazi Check price on Amazon

Online stores are offering some funkier options if you are looking for rugs for adults. College guys would love it because these fun non-slip bath mats come with some bold prints, such as Nice Butt,

There are many such bath rugs with messages that any adult boy or girl would like to read in the morning. These rugs do not cost a too expensive price but provide great comfort, build quality, and wear resistance than ordinary rugs.

You have so many choices in material and design. All you have to do is look for a funky and funny bath mat on Amazon. This platform is providing some great alternatives to ordinary rugs.

  • Funny and bold prints.
  • Greater comfort and build quality.
  • Anti-slip backing.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Some funky bath mats can have very bold phrases.

Why You Should Get Fun Bath Mats?

Fun bath mats are great ornaments for your floor. There are many benefits of replacing ordinary bath mats with these stylish rugs, which are as follows:

  • Start Your Day Positively:

Everything goes well when you have a positive start in the morning. Funny doormats come with some funny and interesting messages. These messages can keep you alert and put a beautiful smile on your face. Thus, you will always have a great start in the morning.

  • A perfect gift:

These rugs are a perfect gift for someone who likes to decorate his/her home in a funny way. We have reviewed some very interesting rugs on this list. You can pick one or more to send as gifts to your friends.

  • Safety:

High-quality fun bath mats are designed to dry quickly and prevent the accumulation of germs and mildew. Ordinary rugs become a safe home for germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary for your safety to use top-quality doormats.

  • Perfect bathroom décor:

Don’t just invest in your bathroom’s interior when you are trying to make it look beautiful. Place an appealing rug at the door to have a comfy feeling as you step out of the bathroom. It is a beautiful product to decorate your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fun bath mat color should I get?

The selection of color majorly depends on your home’s interior. Choose a color that compliments the wall color and bathroom decorations perfectly. Your personal choice also matters and the design of the rug. So, consider these factors when choosing a color for a bath rug.

Do I need a bath mat in front of the sink?

Yes, you need to place a rug in front of a sink because it will keep the area clean and prevent accidental slipping due to water splashes.

Should your funny bath mat match your towels?

Bath rugs can make your bathroom look more colorful and attractive. Therefore, it should complement the towels but rugs should not look the same as the towel.

How often should you change your bathtub mat?

Invest your money n a good quality bath mat because it should offer at least one year’s service. It will be better if you can change it after two years.

Are these bath mats sanitary?

Bath mats are sanitary only if you can clean them regularly and maintain them. Most of the time these rugs deal with dust, moisture, and germs, therefore some people don’t consider them sanitary.


Bath mats are designed to absorb moisture, clean your feet, and keep the floor wet. All the reviewed mats offer additional features, such as a funny message to give a positive start to your day and greater comfort. Therefore, you can trust our choice, pick a feature-rich funny bath mat for your home, and buy it now.

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