How to Clean Shower Doors with WD40?

Is WD-40 safe on shower doors

How to clean shower doors with WD40? Can you use WD-40 to remove tough shower door stains? Many homeowners got such questions because they are tired of using old cleaning solutions.

They seek a powerful product to get rid of unappealing dirt from shower doors. So, can you trust WD40 to get the job done?

WD-40 is a water-displacing spray and yes it works! I bet you cannot find a better product to remove shower door stains. It not only cleans those tough spots but also prevents stain buildup on the shower door. Many users believe WD-40 makes your shower door immune to any spots!

This product has been around for quite a while and it has gained a huge fan following! Its effectiveness against the tough shower door and shower enclosure marks is simply remarkable.

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I had no idea about how to use this thing when I bought it first. It just took a simple guide to learn the cleaning method and now I’m a huge fan of this product.

Many people have used WD-40 and found it quite effective. Remember, it cannot prevent shower door stains forever.

You have to get in action to keep the shower door clean. Continue reading to reveal a detailed guide on how to clean shower doors with WD40.

How do you clean shower doors?

Shower doors easily get dirty because of soap scup, mold, shampoo splashes, and water splashes.

Watermarks continue accumulating over the shower door and make your washroom look quite dirty. A simple cleaner can’t get rid of all types of dirt. So, how do you clean shower doors using wd40 to remove all the dirty spots?

Follow the below-given tips to clean the shower door properly:

  • Use your protective gears and then spray the WD-40 cleaning solution on the shower door. Now leave the shower door as it is for the next 15 minutes so that it can loosen tough marks.
  • Get a clean piece of cloth and wipe the shower door with that cloth. You will get the best results if it is a microfiber cleaning cloth. Use any available cloth if you don’t have the microfiber cloth at home.
  • If tough dirt does not come off in the first attempt, then repeat the same process. WD-40 will remove the toughest dirt to make that shower door shine again.

I have also fixed my squeaky shower door with WD40. I didn’t know about this perk of this cleaning solution, but it worked. Now, you know the cleaning method.

So, share it whenever a person asks you “How do you clean shower doors”. That person will certainly thank you for your valuable support!

Cleaning shower glass with WD40

wd40 cleaner

A clean bathroom and shower area reveal that you like to live in a clean and hygienic environment.

Even though the bathroom is clean, water and soap scum stains on shower doors destroy the appeal. It is tough to ignore water stains, especially on the shower glass. I tried cleaning the shower glass with WD40 and it worked!

WD-40 is a multipurpose cleaning product. It works much faster than other cleaning solutions. It instantly removes water, soap scum, and other dirt from the glass enclosure almost immediately.

I was one of several users who didn’t know how to clean glass shower doors with WD40. My priority was to follow the right technique to maintain the charm of the glass shower door. Therefore, I researched and found the below-given method.

  • Spray the WD 40 glass cleaner on the glass shower door or glass shower enclosure.
  • Now, give this cleaning product at least 15 minutes to remove tough stains from the glass.
  • Get a clean cloth and wipe the glass. Do not apply too much pressure because it won’t be necessary!
remove hard water stains from glass shower doors

Believe me, it won’t be necessary to use a wet cloth to wipe the entire glass door. Just a clean dry cloth is enough to make that glass shine in your bathroom.

Cleaning shower glass with WD40 is extremely easy. Follow the right technique and you will get the best results.

You must be wondering about using WD-40 on all the dirty things in the house. While it can clean most of the dirty things, do not spray it on your phones, locks, and other things.

It is tough to not touch the phone for 15-20 minutes and you won’t get the desired outcome. So, I would recommend you remember this tip!

Can you use WD40 to clean the shower pan?

Only creative people think about using WD40 to clean the shower pan. I used to wonder does it really work.

Can this cleaning solution turn that dirty shower floor into a clean and impressive floor? Amazingly, it does work and the result is always satisfying.

Try the following steps when using WD40 to clean the shower pan:

  • Let the shower floor dry and then cover it completely with the WD40 cleaning solution. Leave it as it is for 20 minutes! This cleaning product will loosen all kinds of dirt and kill germs roaming over your shower pan.
  • Get a brush and scrub the shower pan with that brush to get rid of the toughest stains!
  • Now, throw clean water on the shower pan to wash the cleaning liquid.
  • Suppose your shower pan is slick, sprinkle some baking soda, and scrub it again. Now rinse the floor and the job is done!

Try this method once a week to keep the shower pan clean.

What does removing hard water stains from glass shower doors do?

I used to think about what removes hard water stains from glass shower doors because those spots are the toughest to remove.

I tried many things, but some parts of the stain remain there on the door. Somebody suggested that I should use WD40 for stains on windows and glass doors. I tried it and the results were eye-grabbing!

Check the following tips to know what removes hard water stains from glass shower doors:

  • Spray WD40 cleaning solution on these spots. Cover your glass door with this cleaning solution and you can also use it on water taps and the shower.
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes until WD40 loosens tough hard watermarks.
  • Get a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the glass shower door with it. Do not wet that cloth and wipe until all the glass door dirt is removed.

You can follow this guide to clean the mirror, stainless steel taps, and other things with WD40. Hard water spotting can’t survive when such a powerful cleaning liquid is used.

Can you clean all this without a cleaning product? Yes, you need vinegar, baking soda, a microfiber cloth, and a sponge to obliterate it.

  • Get a small plastic tub and pour ½ cup baking soda in it. Now, blend vinegar in baking soda to prepare a thick paste.
  • This solution will fizz for a while. Get some paste on your paste and apply it directly on hard water spots. Now, wait for 20 minutes.
  • Use another clean sponge to remove vinegar and baking soda paste from the glass door.
  • Now, soak the sponge in warm water and then rub it hard. Those marks will vanish within a few minutes and then you can wipe the glass door with a dry microfiber cloth.

It is a bit tiring method to clean water splatter from the shower door and other areas. You may need to try the suggested method a few times to completely remove it. Try the WD40 method if you want to remove the hard marks on the first attempt.

Is WD-40 safe on glass?

WD-40 can remove all kinds of stains from glass. You can use it to remove stickers, soap scum, and strong adhesive spots.

It doesn’t cause any damage to the glass and therefore I also use it to clean my bathroom mirror!

Does WD40 clean showers?

WD40 is not as harsh as other washroom cleaning chemicals are. Therefore, you can use the entire shower area with this cleaning product.

Does WD-40 remove limescale?

Removing residues is one of the main jobs of WD40 and therefore it can easily clean limescale.

What should you not use WD 40 on?

You should not use WD-40 to clean bikes, electronic gadgets, door hinges, paintball guns, etc.


WD-40 is probably the best product to get rid of stubborn shower door dirt. You can use this product to clean the entire bathroom.

We have shared the simplest method to reveal how to clean shower doors with WD40. Get this product now and follow the recommended method to keep your shower clean!

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