How to Dry Bath Mats The Right Way

dry bathroom mats and rugs

Every bathroom in the house has one thing in common. They all have bath mats.

When buying one, you should not only look at its quality, price, and how it looks. You also need to know how to clean and how dry bath mats.

The right way to dry it will depend on the material that they are made from. While some can be dried in the drying machine, others have to be air-dried. You should know which should be dried where or there’s a chance that you’ll ruin your bath mat.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to find the answers yourself. The article below will guide you on everything you need to know about how to dry bath mats.

How to Dry Bath Mats Quickly

It all depends upon its quality and type of material. When it comes to drying, it is essential to do it well and regularly. Otherwise, germs and mildew can quickly buildup. This is also the reason why it should be regularly washed and dry it properly. You should wash it every few uses.

There are two ways in which you can dry bath mats, and each has its pros and cons.

Air Drying

This method is pretty straightforward and is an excellent method for cotton mats with plastic backing, mats from rubber, and other plastic materials.

All you need to do here is to hang your mat on the clothesline. However, you should not put it under direct sunlight as it can cause discoloration, for the sun has a bleaching power on your mats.

There is an alternative to the clothesline. You can also use the AIR ONLY option on your washing machine to remove the excess moisture.

After that, you can hang the doormat on hooks and grab bars to dry them properly.

  • It is easy to do
  • Dries fast
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  • The process can take longer
  • Process depends on the weather

Drying Machine

The fastest method to quick dry bathroom mats is in a machine. However, not all mats are recommended to be washed and dried this way.

It is not suitable for mats with plastic backing as it can not only damage the mat but the machine itself. Only bath mats made from fabric can be washed in machines.

  • It dries the mat fast
  • There is less manual work
  • It can damage the mat
  • More expensive

Can You Put a Bath Mat in the Dryer?

The answer to the question is yes. But before you dump it into your dryer, the first thing you need to do is to read the label for its maintenance instructions. The label will have the care instruction, so I suggest you read that first.

While most of them can be dried in the machine, some of them should not be.

That is why you should read the care instructions to save you money and time as certain materials are prone to wear and tear when placed inside the dryer.

bath mat drying

How to Dry Bath Math with Rubber Backing

Typically, it is not recommended to dry bath mats with rubber backing in the dryer.

However, if this is the last option, you can still do it this way, provided that you do it in the right way to avoid any cracks ad peelings.

Here are the steps on how to dry the bath mat with rubber backing in the dryer.

Step 1. Read the washing instructions on the back of the label.

Step 2. Check the base of the rugs for any cracks or peel in the rubber backing. If there is any, it is better to replace it.

Step 3. Take the bath mat outside and give it a vigorous shake to remove the dirt, hair, and any other debris.

Step 4. Place the rug inside the washing machine and wash with a mild detergent on cold and gentle settings.

Step 5. Tumble dry the mat under low mode or hang it out. An alternative way to dry it would be by wiping it with a microfiber cloth.

Step 6. Do not use heat in drying the mat as the rubber backing will crack or melt.

How to Dry Memory Foam Bath Mat?

Memory foam bath mats are popular because they have a soft and cushiony feel. It has a relaxing feel to the feet when you are standing on it for a long time.

It also has a microfabric fabric that absorbs the excess water. The backside of the mat has an anti-slip feature to prevent slips and falls.

With such beautiful features, you must know how to clean this mat.

Step 1. Check the care instructions on the label for washing instructions.

Step 2. Clean the mat using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and debris. You can also scrub it using a hairbrush.

Step 3. Place the mat in the washer. Use laundry detergent and set it on a gentle wash. Never bleach or dry clean as it will damage the synthetic materials in the mat.

Step 4. You can hang it or place it on a flat surface. Another option is to use a dryer in the lowest setting to avoid damage.

 4 Ways to Prevent Soaking Wet Bath Mats

Bath mats are made for a reason, and that is to absorb excess water when stepping out of the tub.

However, you can reduce the amount of dripping water to save you from constantly cleaning and drying your mat. Here are the four ways to prevent soaking wet bath mats.


An ounce of prevention is better than a cure. To prevent your bath mats from getting too wet is to avoid more water seeping into them.

You can do this by taking the towel with you in the shower and drying yourself first before stepping out of the shower.

When you do this, there will be less water dripping from your body. And your mat will be kept wet to a minimum, and it will dry quickly.

Have a Replacement Bathroom Mat

It is a very straightforward hack. Buy new of the same style and pattern, so that you can use them alternately.

With two mats, you can rotate them between showers or baths. It will save you time and effort in washing them frequently. You should change your mat before they get too wet. This way, the first one will dry quicker.

Get a Quick Drying Mat

There are bath mats designed to dry quickly. They absorb moisture faster, and you won’t feel like standing in a puddle of water even if there is a lot of water. You can read about them in more detail here.

Towel Over Mat

This recommendation might sound unusual, but if the bath mat gets really wet and hard to dry, you can place an old towel over it.

The towel will absorb much of the water, leaving the mat drier. You can hang the towel to dry or put it in the dryer.

How to make the bath mat fluffy?

The solution is simple, add white vinegar and baking soda directly into the water-filled washer or in your detergent drawer of the machine during washing.

The vinegar will dissolve the soap buildup, and the baking soda removes the gunk and softens it.

Do bamboo bath mats absorb water?

Bamboo bath mats don’t absorb water. It means that it will not harbor the growth of mildew and mold as traditional mats would do.

How do we keep bath mats from getting moldy?

To prevent the bath mats from getting moldy, you need to dry them after using the shower.

Do this by hanging it over the tub or on the towel rack. To prevent the growth of molds, wash, and dry your shower mats properly.


You have just read the essential tips on how to dry bath mats. It needs constant attention and cares more than your bedsheets.

Cleaning the shower mats will prevent your feet from germs and bacteria. For more questions, you can write them in the comment section below. We are here to help.

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