How To Stop Water Dripping From Bathroom Fan

I have recently tried to find a fix for water dripping from bathroom fan. It isn’t an issue most of us can ignore for too long. It is also not an issue for which most of us would call a professional. So, what can you do to fix this problem?

I did extensive research to reveal the best way of fixing water dripping from bathroom fan issues. My efforts paid off because I have revealed several causes and solutions.

water dripping or leaking from bath fan

It won’t be necessary to call a handyman in most cases. Some simple DIY solutions can fix this issue for you as they did for me.

Learn what causes this issue before you check the fix! I found two most common causes, which are as follows:

  • Condensation in the duct:

Does water drip over your head when you are taking a shower or right after taking a shower? This problem has troubled numerous homeowners. It’s simply irritating that the exhaust fan starts dropping water drops over your head. Condens inside the duct is mainly responsible for this issue.

If you’re interested, take a look at the condensation stains article.

The exhaust fan tries to release warm air from your bathroom during the winter. That warm air gets cooled quickly as it comes in contact with cool air in the attic and it turns into water drops. Those water drops fall down through the bathroom fan.

You shouldn’t ignore this issue for a long time because your bathroom won’t stay dry. There will be an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth and that’s a serious concern. Condensation in the duct caused a water dripping issue in my shower.

I’m not the only person facing this issue because many homeowners have reported this problem. Therefore, I strongly believe that you are facing the issue due to condensation.

  • Ice buildup on the roof:

Ice buildup on the roof can also cause water dripping issues. Accumulated ice starts melting as it comes in contact with hat shower air and drips into the bathroom. Water will drop over your head if melting ice falls directly over the exhaust fan.

Most of us prefer a hot shower during winter days and water vapor escapes out through the exhaust fan. That hot vapor quickly melts ice over the roof and turns it into tiny water drops.

Those water drops get inside your bathroom and destroy your efforts of keeping the bathroom clean and dry.

Is it a fixable issue? Yes, you can fix this problem easily and we have offered some simple fixes for this problem. So, continue reading to find an effective solution.

Water dripping from bathroom fan during rain

bath fan water leak during rain

A common cause for water dripping from bathroom fan during rain is the vertical slope of the bath vent hose.

It is easy to remove hot-humid air out of the bathroom when the vent is located above the roof. However, poor installation and improper covering often cause water leakage.

Some homeowners unwillingly damage the bath vent when cleaning it. They don’t realize this mistake until it is too late. Water starts dripping in through the fan when it rains and that creates more trouble.

It can be a bit daunting to fix the leak, especially during the rainy season. DIY solutions aren’t always the best fix for this issue. I would call a handyman, who can get on the roof and fix the issue.

There might be hairline cracks through which water is leaking into the home. Spotting such cracks is quite difficult. You should carefully check the nails and screws of the bath vent covering. Try to spot the leak and seal it.

The roof can get slippery when it rains. Therefore, you should call an expert to fix bathroom exhaust fan leaking when it rains. An expert handyman will quickly spot the crack, seal it, and fix the issue.  But, if you want to find out how to vent a bathroom fan through a soffit, we got you covered!

Fixing bathroom exhaust fan leaking water

It was my top priority to find a perfect fix when I found that the bathroom exhaust fan leaking water. The toughest part of the entire fixing process is spotting the leak. Water can leak through several areas and you need to check all of them.

Inspect the duct

If the fan duct is equipped with a flap that opens when the exhaust is in action, it can malfunction and cause trouble. The flap might not close completely after exhausting hot air. Cold air will get into the duct and cause rapid cooling of hot air. Consequently, water will drop through the fan whenever it is in the action.

Carefully inspect the duct and the flap. Fix it if it is broken or call a professional to repair the entire mechanism.

Fix the damaged chimney

You should also check the chimney for the damage when trying to fix water dripping from bathroom exhaust fan. Water can leak through the damaged chimney cover or through a crack in the crown.

You can fix this issue by replacing the chimney cover. Find cracks and holes around the veneer and repair them quickly. You can also hire a professional handyman to replace the flashing and nearby shingles. These solutions will work when the water is leaking into the bathroom through the chimney.

Repair damaged shingles

Cold air and water will easily get into your house when there are damaged shingles. Check if it is the case. Get on the roof and look for the damaged shingles. Suppose you aren’t an expert in this job, then you should hire professional roofers.

Professional roofers not only repair damaged shingles, but they can also help you in fixing exhaust vents and chimneys. Thus, you can quickly resolve the issue and prevent it for a long time.


Do you often spot water dripping from bathroom exhaust fan after the shower? It is happening because your exhaust fan is failing to remove hot air and vapor. Hot air is condensing quickly and turning into water drops.

You should replace the exhaust fan, check the vent tube for leaks, or call an expert. A professional handyman can easily find the cause and repair it quickly to provide long-term relief.

How to stop condensation in my bathroom fan?

Bathroom fan condensation occurs mainly due to poor airflow. Clogged vents or low air pressure cannot push hot air out of the vent.

Consequently, exterior cold air gets into the vent and cools the hot air before it escapes. Water starts dripping from the fan and causes moisture and a humid environment in the bathroom.

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Try the following solutions to stop condensation in bathroom fans:

Unclog the vent

You have to carefully inspect the vent and look for the signs of clogging. Check the entire vent hose and clear it, because it might get clogged due to various external factors.

Sometimes birds can use the vent pipe to establish the nest! You should carefully remove dirt and things clogging the vent to make it function well again.

Insulate the vent hose

Another solution to the water dripping issue is insulating the vent hose. Suppose the hose goes through the attic without insulation, it will be quite tough to prevent condensation.

Cold air in the attic will quickly turn hot vapor into water drops and those drops will fall over the fan. Prevent this situation by insulating the vent hose to prevent condensation in all seasons.

Other solutions you can try are replacing the hose, installing a powerful fan, or installing a bathroom fan condensation trap!

Bathroom fan condensation trap

A bathroom fan condensation trap is designed to prevent water from dripping inside the bathroom. It traps condensed water drops outside the bathroom.

Thus, your bathroom stays clean and dry all the time. Order this device and take an experienced handyman’s help to install it in your bathroom right now!

What if the Bathroom Fan Damper is not working properly?

Bathroom Fan Damper

There will be water dripping from bathroom fan if the damper is not functioning properly. It can get stuck due to environmental factors and other reasons.

There are two-bathroom fan dampers in most bathrooms. These are exterior and internal dampers. You should move both by hand to check whether they are functioning properly or not.

Suppose the fan damper is not opening or partially opening, it will affect the airflow. As a result, hot air won’t get out of the bathroom and water will drip through the fan.

Fix both internal and external fan dampers. The fan will easily throw hot air out of the bathroom when dampers are functioning properly.


Why is water dripping from my ceiling fan?

The water can drop through the ceiling fan due to increased condensation. Damaged shingles can cause this problem because cold air will get into your house and turn hot air into water drops.

How do I stop my bathroom walls from sweating?

You should install an exhaust fan with an insulated vent hose in your house. That fan will remove hot and humid air from the bathroom and bathroom walls will stay dry forever.

How do I dehumidify my bathroom naturally?

You should ventilate the bathroom and fix all leaking pipes. Do not take a long shower and install a more powerful exhaust fan in your bathroom. Thus, you can maintain a clean, dry, and impressive bathroom in your house.


Now you know some great solutions to prevent water dripping from bathroom fans. Apply the suggested DIY tricks to fix the issue.

Suppose you face more trouble; you must call a professional. Let the expert fix the issue for once and that problem won’t trouble you for years.

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