Magic Eraser Water Stains Ceiling: The Fastest Way to Clean Tough Stains

magic eraser water stains ceilingMany people are using Magic Eraser water stains ceiling. It emerged as a reliable solution to get rid of water blots. It has astonished users with the way it miraculously removes tough marks and messes.

Mr Clean had introduced it in 2003 and it has become a go-to choice for cleaning blots around the home. Because over a billion users have praised it for its cleaning performance, you would like to know how it works.

You do not need bleach or another chemical when you own a Magic Eraser. It performs exceptionally well because it uses melamine resin, which cures into a foam. Its microstructure will turn as tough as super-fine sandpaper. Now, you just need to rub it over water drop marks and it will remove them.

You must have a lot of questions about Magic Eraser and how to use it on different surfaces. So, let’s reveal how this magical cleaner can help you in removing tough blots.

How to use Magic Eraser?

Follow the below-given tips to learn how to use Magic Eraser to get rid of tough marks and blots.

  • Get your magic eraser and test it before you use it. Its sandpaper-like surface can cause damage to walls, furniture, and smooth surface of appliances. So, spot test it before you use it.
  • Get it wet and now you can use it to clean dirty sneakers and shoes. Gently rub the wet magic eraser over dirty spots and it will remove dirt and marks.
  • You can also use the eraser to get rid of tough blots from appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, TV, etc. Always soak the magic eraser into the water, squeeze it, and then rub it over dirty spots. It will clean the targeted spot easily.
  • Kids treat walls as a canvas when they like to test their drawing skills. You can use the Magic Eraser water stains ceiling to get rid of those wall arts. Rub it gently over those wall drawings and it will remove ink without damaging the wall.
  • Similarly, you can use the magic eraser to keep your bathroom clean. You can use it on water faucets, bathtub, tiles, floor, and roof to get rid of blemishes and water blots.

Magic Eraser Roller Mop

The Magic Eraser is a handy cleaning tool when it comes to removing marks from walls, roofs, appliances, tiles, and other places. It can be daunting to use that eraser for cleaning the entire floor.

Therefore, Mr Clean has developed the Magic Eraser Mop. It penetrates deeply within grooves, cracks, and gaps to remove dirt and grime.

Being a highly absorbent mop, it is an ideal choice to clean marble, tiled, and wood flooring. You should buy the Magic Eraser Mop Refill when the original mop isn’t working properly. This refill mop will allow you to clean blemishes and blots from hard-to-reach areas like roof and top-end of walls.

Magic Eraser for walls

As mentioned before, the Magic Eraser can remove dirty marks from many surfaces. It is also an ideal cleaning tool to remove blots and blemishes from walls.

Unlike the real sandpaper, it targets only those dirty-looking blemishes. Get a Magic Eraser for walls and use it time-and-again to keep your walls clean.

Don’t just buy Magic Eraser water stains ceiling, but pick the Magic Eraser Mop. It will extend your reach to the top corners of the walls. Besides, you can also clean the roof to get rid of dirty spots. Follow the below-given tips to use this cleaning tool on the walls:

  • Prepare the Magic Eraser for cleaning work by getting it wet.
  • Squeeze excess water from the mop.
  • Now, rub it gently over wall blemishes, pen marks, and other blots.
  • You will see that all the dirty marks are removed in just two-three attempts.
Its deep penetrating action can remove the toughest blots with ease. Therefore, you must buy a Magic Eraser for walls and use it.

Magic eraser on flat paint

This cleaning tool is a perfect choice for keeping your flat paint walls clean forever. A flat paint wall will have a matte finish. It is the best choice to hide imperfections and it’s perfect for accent walls.

There will be blots and marks on your flat painted walls if you live in your house! The good news is that you can use the magic eraser to remove those dirty blots. Follow the below-given tips to use Magic Eraser on flat paint.

  • Get the original Magic Eraser
  • Soak it into clean water and then squeeze excess water
  • Now, rub the eraser on blots and blemishes
  • It won’t damage the wall paint, but it will remove dirty-looking blemishes from the wall.

What not to use magic eraser on?

Being an excellent cleaning tool, Magic Eraser can clean anything you want. That doesn’t mean you should use it everywhere to get rid of grime, dirt, and blots. You must learn what not to use Magic Eraser on to avoid potential damage.

  • Do not use this cleaning tool to clean granite and marble countertops!
  • Avoid cleaning Teflon coated vessels from Magic Eraser because it can remove that non-stick coating.
  • Avoid cleaning outside of the car from this tool because its abrasive surface can cause scratches on your car.
  • Do not use it to clean dirty spots from glossy paint walls.
  • Avoid cleaning wood surfaces from this eraser to maintain their glossy finish.
There are various surfaces you can clean with this tool. Do not forget what not to use Magic Eraser on though!

Magic eraser ingredients:

These are the Magic Eraser ingredients, which make it such a powerful cleaning tool:

  • Melamine: it offers sandpaper-like microscopic texture to the eraser so that it can penetrate deeply and clean tough blots
  • Formaldehyde: It forms a tough resin when combined with Melamine and offers exceptional cleaning results.
  • Sodium Bisulfite: Known for its antimicrobial properties.
  • Water: Though you can use the Magic Eraser dry, its water-activated micro scrubbers provide a better cleaning result. That’s why experts suggest soaking it and then using it.


It became a top priority of homeowners to keep their walls, appliances, floors, and roofs clean. Products like Magic Eraser make this task much easier.

You have learnt everything about Magic Eraser water stains ceiling cleaning. So, get this amazing cleaning tool now and use it to keep your walls and roofs free of dirty spots.

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