Portable Shower Caddy: 10 Best Travel Shower Caddies Reviewed

A portable shower caddy is designed to carry bathroom essentials, such as deodorants, moisturizers, soaps, creams, razors, and other items. It is a must have accessory in your luggage, whether you are traveling for fun or for business purposes. A travel shower caddy is designed to keep your bathroom essentials in an organized manner.

The market is filled with various types of shower caddies. Picking the best portable shower caddy may seem a little bit daunting. We have tried to make this task easier for you by featuring the top 10 shower caddies in this post.

Best portable shower caddy reviews:

The best portable shower caddy should offer multiple compartments for carrying a variety of bathroom essentials. It should also be durable, easy to maintain, and it should also dry faster than an ordinary tote.

The market is flooded with caddies and tote designed for travelers. Every brand claims that its product offers the best solution for organizing bathroom essentials. You cannot trust all the claims made by those brands because you may suffer if you do not pick the best product for your demands.

It is not just an impressive design that makes a caddy useful. Travel shower caddy’s construction quality, space management, durability, ability to keep your toiletry products dry, and carry all the important bathroom essentials make it great.

We have listed and reviewed the 10 most popular caddies in this blog. Millions of people have bought these caddies and they are satisfied with the performance of their chosen product. You can pick any one of these 10 caddies to organize your items.

You won’t regret making the purchase. Continue reading to reveal why we believe these 10 are the best portable shower caddies available on the market.

Attmu Mesh Quick Dry Shower Caddy

Attmu Check Price On Amazon

If you want an affordable, durable, reliable, and portable shower caddy, you should buy Attmu Mesh Quick Dry Shower Caddy. It is made of top-quality mesh material that ensures a long-lasting service. It looks like a tote bag and equipped with a reinforced handle for added durability.

You can put wet items in this tote because it dries very fast. There are multiple compartments for holding various bathroom essentials. Therefore, it is the best caddy for traveling, holding toiletries in the bathroom, dorm, and also for taking on a beach.

  • Made of special material that dries fast.
  • Nylon mesh provides it additional strength.
  • Multiple large and small size compartments for holding brushes, makeup products, lotions, towels, and other toiletry products.
  • 100% money-back guarantee. You can return it if you are not happy with the product quality.
  • Some pockets are not quite deep to hold things like toothbrushes securely.

Handy Laundry 7 Pocket Shower Caddy Tote

travel shower caddy Check Price On Amazon

This beautiful blue 7 Pocket Shower Caddy Tote is another affordable solution for organizing your bathroom essentials. It can also work for your bathroom, dorms, gym, swimming pool, shower, and travel. This travel shower tote holds your items tightly and allows you to carry everything you need in the bathroom.

It features 7 extra-large compartments in which you can store soaps, large shampoo bottles, lotions, and many other important things. It is made of breathable mesh, which is quite tough to tear and damage. Its 6” deep center pocket is large enough to hold accessories like brushes, oil bottles, shampoo bottles, even a medium-size towel. That’s why this tote is a great choice as a travel shower caddy.

  • Available in 5 eye-catching colors.
  • Made of durable mesh material for better toughness.
  • Deep pockets to prevent things from falling down.
  • Great for college dorm, bathroom, shower and hiking.
  • Handle seems a bit cheaper in comparison to other components of this shower bag.

Premium Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag for Women and men by BOACAY

Travel Toiletry Bag for Women and Men Check Price On Amazon

This toiletry travel shower bag is one of the most impressive caddies you can find in the market. Made of water-resistant polyester and available in 7 vibrant colors, this tote is perfectly suitable for both men and women.

It has 21 compartments that are designed to hold different grooming and toiletry products. You get zipped mesh pockets to hold both small and big items. It is only 8.5” wide and 10.2” tall and therefore you can easily carry it with you on a tour.

  • Equipped with metal zippers and 21 different size compartments.
  • Waterproof and washing resistant.
  • The internal foam layer protects your belongings against accidental shocks.
  • BOACAY promises full refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of this tote.
  • The zipper may get stuck due to multiple internal compartments.

Relavel Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Relavel Toiletry Bag Check Price On Amazon

It might look like any ordinary handbag at first glance. Do not assess this feature-rich shower toiletry bag by its outer look. It will thoroughly astonish you the moment you unzip this bag. This toiletry organizer is waterproof and equipped with 6 compartments for carrying 6 different bathroom essentials.

This bag is made of highly durable and stretch-resistance Oxford fabric. You can use it to carry band-aid, tissues, lipsticks, swaps, soaps, and other toiletry products. Its friendly design and compact size allow you to pack it easily with your clothes and other items in your trolley bag and carry it easily.

  • 6 different size compartments for carrying toiletry products safely.
  • Made of high-quality Oxford fabric.
  • A compact shower toiletry bag for both men and women.
  • It is not ideal for carrying large size items like large-size lotion bottles and shampoo bottles.

Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy tote

College Dorm Bathroom Caddy Organizer Check Price On Amazon

It is another travel mesh shower caddy that looks attractive due to strapped handles. It is designed to hold everything you carry while on a tour, especially your keys. There is a large central compartment along with 7 spacious compartments in which you can carry your toiletry items.

This shower basket is made of breathable mesh, which can stretch to hold some extra items. It is double-reinforced with Oxford cloth handles, which means you can easily hang it in your bathroom or shower to keep bathroom essentials organized.

This portable bathroom tote costs quite a reasonable price and still meets all your demands when it comes to carrying necessary toiletry products on a tour.

  • Made of durable mesh and equipped with Oxford cloth handles.
  • 7 roomy compartments along with a large central compartment.
  • Rubbery breathable mesh fabric ensures long-lasting service.
  • Perfect portable tote for carrying necessary toiletry products on a tour.
  • Some buyers do not like its strong chemical smell.

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag Kit Organizer by TANTO

Hanging Travel Bag Kit Organizer Check Price On Amazon

Providing a zipper sandwich pocket, two large elastic pockets, three medium size elastic pockets, a zipper compartment with a double zipper and waterproof lining, this hanging shower bag can hold every toiletry product you bring with you on a tour.

As the name suggests, you can hang this shower caddy in your bathroom to keep bathroom essentials organized in the bathroom and shower area. This shower bag is lightweight and roomy enough to securely hold large-size bathroom essentials. It does not cover a huge space in your travel bag, once packed with toiletry products. That’s why it makes it easy to carry must-have toiletry items.

  • This foldable and portable shower caddy is available in four impressive colors.
  • Made of nylon material to be extremely durable and waterproof.
  • Offering multiple internal compartments for holding both large and small size bathroom essentials.
  • Equipped with double metal hanging hook.
  • Perfect to hang in the bathroom and also to take on a tour.
  • The hanging hook is not quite durable!

ALYER Mini Storage Basket, Serial Type Mesh Shower Caddy

ALYER Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for a simple and portable shower caddy with a hook, ALYER Mini Storage Basket is a great choice. It is space saving solutions to keep your bathroom essentials organized in the bathroom and also while you are on a tour.

This bag is made of top-grade environmental PVC mesh fabric. The manufacturer has designed this shower caddy specifically for people, who travel in a RV or similar space. You can also set it up in your bathroom to remove the clutter and keep everything perfectly organized. Its durable hook, quality fabric, and simplistic design make this bag an awesome travel shower caddy.

  • Built to organize your bathroom essentials on a trip and also in your bathroom.
  • Made from high-quality environment-friendly material.
  • Equipped with a hanging hook.
  • Roomy compartments are perfect for holding all kinds of toiletry products.
  • Hook is detachable and some people might lose it.

Hiverst Hanging Toiletry Bag-Shower Caddy

Organizer for College Dorms, Gym, Camp Check Price On Amazon

This hanging portable shower caddy has quite a unique and eye-catching design. Besides, it is capable of storing 2 full-size shampoo bottles, body wash, and more daily use bathroom accessories. Hiverst has used 600D Oxford Material along with a breathable mesh to build this robust shower caddy.

There is two roomy front and upper sipped compartments along with three roomy elastic bands to secure regular size bottles. This shower caddy also offers three medium-size elastic bands and two more large-size side-elastic mesh pouches. In other words, it can hold and secure every bathroom accessory and the cosmetic product you carry on a tour.

  • Designed to carry full-size bottles.
  • Dries quickly and durable enough to provide years of unproblematic service.
  • Compartments are smartly distributed to keep toiletry products organized.
  • You can place an order for a personalized Hiverst shower caddy.
  • Mesh is breathable but not quite durable!

Moyad Mesh Shower Caddy Portable Toiletry Tote

Moyad Mesh Check Price On Amazon

This simple-looking travel shower organizer is made of quick-dry fabric to be mildew-proof and durable. Although it does not look as big and fancy as some other totes reviewed in this blog, this shower caddy can still carry your bathroom accessories, such as soap, toothpaste, brush, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, deodorant, etc.

It does not come with a hook for hanging, because you will need a hook to hang this bag on its handle. Moyad provides great after-sales service and buyers have praised this brand for the quality and performance of its products. Therefore, this shower tote is a great choice as a travel shower caddy.

TERRA HOME Portable Shower Caddy

TERRA HOME Portable Shower Caddy - College Dorm Check Price On Amazon

This beautiful travel shower bag is a great choice for college dorm room essentials, organizing toiletry products and cosmetics in the bathroom, and also for carrying daily use bathroom essentials on a trip. It comes with a hanging hook that you can use to hang this bag anywhere you go and use a washroom.

This shower caddy is available in four different colors and its 600D Polyester material won’t let it tear apart easily. You can expect a long service from this reasonably priced shower caddy.

  • Made of 600 D Polyester material.
  • Designed to meet the toiletry organizing needs of modern users.
  • Stylish design but no compromise with durability.
  • Dries quickly and mildew resistant.
  • Great for taking toiletry products on a trip.
  • It may not fit easily in your travel backpack due to its large size.

 Travel shower caddy features:

The following travel shower caddy features matter when you are looking for the best one. You may miss the best item if you avoid these features:

  • It must dry quickly:

Your shower caddy will get wet multiple times, even if you try your best to keep it wet. Therefore, you should choose a caddy that dries quickly. Choose a caddy that dries within 10-20 minutes so that you can pack it back in your backpack.

  • Right size:

A small size caddy is never a perfect choice for any traveler. That’s why you should carefully select the size. It should be large enough to hold everything you carry to the bathroom while traveling. It should also be easy to carry with other luggage. The right size is neither too big to cover a huge space in your backpack nor too small to not have sufficient space for your bathroom essentials.

  • Top-quality material:

Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, you should always invest your money in a top-quality product. Make sure it is made to last for a long time. Its durability depends on the quality of the material used to make that caddy. So, spend some time assessing material quality and then pick the caddy.

  • Highly portable:

Even though you use that shower caddy just a few times in a year, it should be lightweight and small enough to carry with other luggage on a tour. Thus, you will be able to carry it easily on a business trip, camping, hiking, and on a vacation to carry your bathroom essentials.

 Find the Best Travel Shower Bag

It is obvious that you can easily find some travel shower bag for sale in local stores, but how would you ensure that you are buying a durable and reasonably priced tote? Local retailers often feature flashy designs with poor durability. Besides, they never offer a great discount on the purchase.

You should buy the best shower caddy online. Online stores feature a huge collection of different kinds of portable shower caddies. Whether you want a large size tote with many compartments or a small shower caddy with 5-6 pockets, online shops provide the best choice. That’s why you should only search online to find the best travel shower bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you put it in the washing machine?

  • No, it is better to clean with a wet cloth and then let the shower caddy dry.

Q: Are they TSA approved?

  • No, none of the reviewed shower caddies are TSA approved. You can only store non-liquid products if you want to carry it on a foreign location with you.

Q: Can I use a travel shower organizer for a gym?

  • Yes, you can use the shower organizer for the gym. A medium to large size tote can easily hold your protein shake bottle and gym towels.

Q: Are shower caddies bad for a shower head?

  • No, all the ten reviewed shower caddies are lightweight. However, you should not hang it on the shower head if it is fully filled with heavy toiletry items.

Q: What do you keep in your shower caddy?

  • You can keep everything from sanitizers to cosmetic items in your shower caddy, which you may need to maintain hygiene and groom.


Travel shower caddies are meant to organize everything from your grooming products to toiletry items. Carefully check each reviewed product, assess the features, and then choose your favorite portable shower caddy to buy it online.

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