How To Get Hair Out Of Drain

Get Hair Out Of DrainHaving long hair is great, but not when you have to deal with clogged drains. If there’s any type of clog that almost everybody deals with, it has to be hair clog.

I am sure all my ladies can relate to it. Even if you use a drain stopper or any other hair clog-preventing gadget, it can still accumulate over time and prevent water from draining.

Imagine being in a pool of dirty water after taking a good hot shower! Yucks! There is nothing else that I hate more than this. If you want to know how to get hair out of drain, you are in luck!

Hair clog can result from several activities like shampooing your hair in the shower, shaving, chopping your hair, and others.

Before I give you the solution, you need to stop doing all of these in the shower, or else, it will continue to happen again and again. With that being said, you might also be interested in reading how to block a bathtub drain without a plug and how to remove the bathroom sink drain flange articles.

If you are dealing with hair clog in your shower, tub, or bathroom sink drain like me, you will be happy to know that there are some easy ways to fix it.

For instance, you can use a drain snake, boiling water, or even remove the clog with your hand. So without wasting any more time, let’s get to the details. In this guide, I will tell you how to get hair out of drain.

How to unclog a bathtub drain full of hair?

If your bathtub drain is fully clogged with hair, I have the best solution to get rid of it. To know how to unclog a bathtub drain full of hair, you should read the section below.

Drain Claw

You can use a drain claw to get rid of the hair clog. This tool consists of a stick covered in small hooks that are used to unblock bathtub drains.

First, remove the strainer and push the drain claw into the drain. Push it deep inside the drain and then slowly pull it out again. The hooks on the stick will catch the clumps of hair and pull it out with the stick.

Repeat the process a few times until there are no more gunk and hair clumps left. Once you are done, refit the strainer and run some water to check the improvement.

How to get the hair out of a bathtub drain?

So you want to know how to get hair out of a bathtub drain using your hand or tweezers. If you find this method to be nasty, you can always try some other method that we have covered in this article. Let me walk you through the steps.

  • If your drain has a removable cover, this method would be great for you. Put on your rubber gloves and grab a pair of tweezers.
  • Remove the drain cover and locate the clump of hair using a flashlight.
  • If the clog is within the reach, pull it out using your hands. For harder-to-reach clogs, use the tweezers. You can even use the end of a clothing hanger.
  • Repeat the process until no hair clump is left.

How to unclog a bathtub drain with hair?

To know how to unclog a bathtub drain with hair using a plunger, read the following section.

Plungers can help remove hair clogs. Fill your bathtub with hot water and then place the plunger over the hole and start pushing and pulling a few times.

You will see your plunger pulling out hair. Repeat it several times until nothing is left. This is an easy way to get rid of hair clog in your bathtub drain.

How to unclog a shower drain with hair?

Many of you want to know how to unclog a shower drain with hair. Let’s answer that once and for all.

One of the best ways to unclog a shower drain with hair is to dissolve it using a chemical drainer. Before using it, wear rubber gloves and eye protection because it is a very strong chemical.

Make sure that you read and follow the directions on the label. In case, you don’t get a chemical drainer, you can create the same effect using bleach to unclog a bathtub drain.

If the chemical drainer doesn’t work, you can call a plumber and the problem is solved. Well, now you know how to unclog a shower drain with hair.

How to unclog a shower drain full of hair?

Sometimes, the shower drain gets fully clogged with hair. This mainly happens when you don’t clean it for long. If you want to know how to remove it in a simple way, I have the best solution for you.

 Use a plumber’s snake

This is a cheap method for fixing clogs. It doesn’t take much time and is also quite effective. Also, it has a fairly high success rate.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Take a plumber’s snake and push it down the drain until you reach the clog.
  • Now slowly, turn the snake’s handle and pull it back up.
  • Repeat this step a few times.
  • After that run water to check whether the drain is unclogged or not.
Well, that’s all you have to do. Now that you know how to unclog a shower drain full of hair, you should be able to do it right.

How to dissolve hair in the shower drain?

One of the best ways to remove a hair clog in the shower drain is by dissolving it. There are a few effective ways you could try. Here are some quick ways, so read this section carefully.

  1. Baking soda and vinegar

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda works like magic. It is so powerful that it can unclog almost any drain clog.

  • First, boil some water and pour it down the drain. Now, wait for a minute.
  • In the meantime, mix ¼ cup of baking soda in 1 cup of vinegar and run it down the drain.
  • You will hear a reaction sound down there.
  • After waiting for 15 to 20 minutes, pour down boiling water again.
  • Now run water to see whether the clog is removed.
  1. Baking soda and salt

Another effective method is using salt and baking soda. If you have a stubborn hair clog, try this method.

  • Mix a half cup of salt and one cup of baking soda.
  • Pour the mixture down the drain and leave it overnight.
  • It will fuzz many times and dissolve all the hair down there.
  • In the morning, pour two cups of boiling water and flush it down the drain. This should solve the problem.
Now that you know how to how to get the hair out of the drain, hopefully, you will be able to deal with it the next time it happens.

Remove Hair From Shower Drain

Remove Hair From Shower DrainThere are plenty of ways and each has its own advantages. But, if you are looking for an easy and effective method, I have got you covered.

One of the cheap ways to remove hair from shower drain is by using a hook. This is one of the oldest methods and also has a high success rate.

If you can’t reach the blockage by hand, use a hook to pull it out. You can even use a piece of wire.

You can improvise a tool with a coat hanger at the end of it.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s better to call a plumber.

How to get hair out of tub drain?

Now that you know you know how to unclog a shower drain, it’s time to discuss how to get hair out of tub drain. I have some effective methods that you can try to remove the clog.

Use a hair snake

A hair snake is an affordable way to remove a clog from your drain. All you have to do is get a hair snake and then push it down the drain to reach the clog. Then pull it out to clear the clump of hair. Repeat this a few times and you should be good to go.

However, you should know that it may not be effective in clearing stubborn clogs. In that case, you will have to use some other method.

Use a hanger

If the clog is deep inside the drain, you can remove it using a hanger. First, you have to straighten the hanger and create a half-square shape at one end of the hanger.

Put the straight end of the hanger in the drain and turn it clockwise while pulling it up. This should pull out the clump of hair along with it. You need to repeat this process a few times to clear all the clog.

Once you are done, pour water to check whether the clog is fixed or not. Now you know how to get hair out of  drain.

How to unclog a sink with hair?

Now coming to the part where I will tell you about how to unclog a sink with hair. I have described a few methods below. This should help you remove the hair clog in your sink.

  • Use boiling water

Yes, boiling water can work wonders for your sink drain if you do it the right way. Boiling water is most effective when you want to clear a slow drain.

First, fill up a large pot with water and boil it. Then pour the water down the sink drain in three or four different stages. If the method works, you should get the results almost immediately.

  • Wet and dry vacuum

You can use a wet and dry vacuum to remove stubborn clogs. But first, you need to create a seal for the hose to effectively suck out the blockage. For this, you can use a plunger head or the top of a plastic soda bottle.

Set your vacuum to the highest setting and then let it do the rest. The powerful suction is strong enough to remove the clogging.

  • Sodium hydroxide

Those who want to know how to get hair out of sink drain should use sodium hydroxide. It is also known as caustic soda.

Before you use it, you need to protect yourself, so that you don’t get skin burn. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection before proceeding.

Mix cold water with caustic soda using a wooden spoon. Just like baking soda, it will create a fizz as well as heat.

Pour it down the drain and leave it for about 30 minutes. During this time, it should cut through all the clog.

After that, you can flush it out with boiling water. Repeat the process if the normal flow is not restored.

Now you know how to get hair out of drain. Try these methods and your clog should be clear without any professional help.

Natural Drain Cleaner Hair Dissolver

If you don’t want to spend money on a plumber, you need the best natural drain cleaner hair dissolver methods to clear your drain. I have explained some of the natural drain cleaner hair dissolver methods below. Check out the details.

  • Dish soap and hot water

For this method, you need to first boil about two liters of water and then mix few tablespoons of liquid dish soap.

Then slowly pour the mixture down the sink. You need to repeat the steps a few times until all the clog is removed. In case, it doesn’t work, move to the next method.

  • Vinegar and baking soda

The mixture of baking soda and vinegar is a very effective home remedy for clogged drain with hair

First, clear the area around your sink. Now prepare a mixture of 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar.

Pour the mixture down the drain and leave it for an hour. After that, unplug your drain and pour a large pot of boiling water. Continue pouring boiling water until it is clear.

  • Salt, borax, and vinegar

Another method to try is with salt, vinegar, and borax. Mix 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 1/4 cup of Borax.

Pour it down the drain and add a pot of boiling water. Now let it sit for about an hour. After that, rinse with hot water to clear all ingredients down the drain. This home remedy for clogged drain with hair is very effective.

How to unplug a bath drain with water in it?

Well, this is a very common question I receive almost every week. Let’s answer it once and for all.

To perform this method, you need:

  • Boiled water
  • One cup of vinegar
  • Half a cup of baking soda
  • Timer
At first, you need to check whether your bathtub is drained. Remove all the stationary water from your tub and then start with the steps.
  • Pour one cup of hot water down the drain.
  • Put ½ cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain.
  • At this point, things will begin to bubble/fizz. This shows that it is working.
  • Now cover the drain to let the reaction take place.
  • Set the timer for 10 minutes.
  • Pour another cup of boiled water in the drain and flush out the remaining clog.
Once you are done with all the steps, check whether the clog is removed. Run water and see if the water is still pooling in your bathtub. If the method didn’t work, you should call a plumber. A professional should be able to unclog a bathtub drain with standing water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Coke dissolve hair in a drain?

Coke when left in your drain for two hours can dissolve all the gunk. But it cannot dissolve hair.

What will break down hair in a drain?

A mixture of one cup of vinegar and half a cup of soda is effective in breaking down hair in your drain.

How do you remove hair from the pop-up tub drain?

For a pop-up tub drain, you can use a coat hanger to remove the hair clog. But first, you need to remove the pop-up plug using a screwdriver.

How do you get the hair out of a drain without a snake?

There are many ways to pull hair out of the drain. If you are not using a hair snake, you can use a hanger, tweezers, or a plunger. You can even use your hands.

Does salt and boiling water unclog drains?

The salt and boiling water mixture is an effective method of unclogging your drain. It breaks up the build-up and removes the clog.

How do you trap hair in a shower drain?

You can use a hair-catching tool to trap hair in a shower drain. This is specially made for this purpose.


Hair clog in the shower, bathtub and sink drain can cause a lot of problems. If you don’t want stationary water in your bathtub, sink, or shower, you should remove the clog quickly.

The good thing is you can get rid of the clog with some very effective DIY methods. In case, nothing works, you can call a plumber.

By now, you should know how to get hair out of drain. Next time, you get a hair clog in your drain, you know what to do. Hopefully, you found this article helpful.

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