Teak Bathtub Tray: 6 Best Bathtub Caddies to Relax and Enjoy the Bath

Everybody likes to relax for a while after a stressful and exhausting day. Most of us move straight towards the bathroom for a warm and comfy bath.

It feels quite comfortable and you may wish to lie down in the bathtub for prolonged periods. Get a teak bathtub caddy and you will be able to do that.

Here we are going to reveal the six best bathtub trays made of teak and bamboo wood. You can buy and use one of these trays to hold a glass of wine, your book, a tab, or even your smartphone.

That bath will become more relaxing and all you need is a beautiful and durable bathtub tray. So, find it now!

Best Teak Bathtub Caddy

You are going to take a long and relaxing bath and the bathtub caddy must make that bath more relaxing. The best teak bathtub caddy will maintain great air ventilation and water flow, hold items such as your wine glass, phone, tab, book, etc. above water and prevent these things from falling.

The market is flooded with bathtub caddies. Many brands are offering this organizer since they knew that people love the idea of reading a book when relaxing in the bathtub. There are literally so many options and therefore it can be confusing to find the best bathtub tray.

Continue reading and there will be no confusion at all! We have assessed numerous bathtub trays. Some are designed to look attractive but those trays lack in durability and performance. Your chosen tray must be stylish, durable, and large enough to hold some important items.

Attractive design isn’t the only thing to consider. How much the tray can weigh, how the items are distributed, and how it prevents items from falling in the bathtub, all these things matter a lot.

So, we found many great design, assessed trays for the required features, and then chosen 6 best teak bathtub trays.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

ROYAL CRAFT Check price on Amazon

It looks like a normal tray at first, but soon you realize that you can expand this tray from both sides and set it over the bathtub to hold your book, a wine glass and other things you want. It is probably the most beautiful and durable bamboo and not teak bathtub caddy available in the market.

Yes, it is made of durable wood and it is waterproof and mildew resistant. The manufacturer has used only 100% natural teak. It is designed to stay stable over the tub and it won’t float away.

This caddy is equipped with adjustable wings. These wings are flexible and extendable. It is up to you that how much you want to extend. It will provide your bathtub a luxurious appeal once you set it up.

That’s why it is an amazing tray to have a glass of wine while relaxing, watch your favorite shows on the tab, or simply read your favorite book.

  • 100% natural wood construction for greater strength.
  • It is waterproof and mildew resistant.
  • Equipped with adjustable bathtub shelves.
  • An eye-catching bathtub tray to enjoy a memorable date!
  • Sturdy and build to last.
  • You will have to put items over the tray to keep it stable.
  • Mildew can accumulate if kept in moist conditions for too long.

Ginsey Teak Tub Caddy

Ginsey Teak Tub Caddy Check price on Amazon

Ginsey used only genuine teak wood to craft this beautiful teak tub caddy. It is a top-quality tray created with luxury in mind. The designers have added sections to hold all the necessary bathroom essentials. There is an adjustable bookstand, a wine slot, a slot for candle/soap, the middle section can hold your shampoo, brushes, etc.

This bathtub tray has an impeccable design, but there is something else that makes it quite useful. It also comes with flexible and extendable wings. You can pull both wings out and extend this tray to your bathtub’s width.

Being made of 100% natural teak wood, this bathtub caddy is water-resistant and mildew resistant. It can make your bath more relaxing and enjoyable, because your phone, book, and a glass of wine will be there in your hand.

  • 100% genuine teak wood caddy.
  • Offers indented coaster section from mug or a glass of wine.
  • Ample space for storing razor, bath brushes, soap, and other essential items.
  • It is waterproof and mildew resistant.
  • Features an adjustable book holder.
  • You might face problems in keeping your iPad due to lack of a dedicated slot.
  • It won’t fit over an extra-wide bathtub.

ALA TEAK Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Ala Check price on Amazon

It is a 30”x 12”x 3” tray, which you can further extend up to 38”. It comes with detachable vanity tray interior, which you can remove according to your convenience. Its classic design and 100% genuine teak wood construction offer this tray an exceptional strength.

Undoubtedly, ALA teak bathtub tray is quite durable, waterproof, and designed to last for many years. It won’t accumulate mildew if you clean and store it in a dry area. Protective layer of lacquer offers it better resistant against mildew.

It has quite a unique design! You get both tablet and book holder stands. There is a slot for wine glass and two detachable trays in which you can keep bath accessories.

It appears like an antique masterpiece from the 18th and 19th century due to its unique design and construction quality. It will indeed improve your comfort and make your bathroom look more beautiful.

  • Crafted from genuine teak wood.
  • Looks like an antique art piece and costs a very affordable price.
  • Provides ample space for books, tab, wine glass, and bathroom essentials.
  • Durable enough to provide years of unproblematic service.
  • Mildew can accumulate if you don’t clean and dry it.

XGG Teak Bathtub Caddy Tray Table

XGG Bathtub Trays Teak Bathtub Caddy Check price on Amazon

Designed to hold your book, tablet, wine glass, mugs, candle, and essential bathroom accessories, The XGG Teak Bathtub Caddy Tray Table is a simple but attractive bathtub tray. It is designed to provide maximum relaxation and a soothing bath. That’s why it holds everything you need!

The manufacturer used only genuine teak wood to build this tray. It is waterproof and mildew resistant. Cleaning this tray would be quite easy because you just need a clean cloth to wipe out water and then let it dry.

Its adjustable wings allow you to fit it over any small or standard size bathtub. Its wings are quite flexible and the tray won’t collapse due to the weight of items you hold over it. Its luxurious design, great capacity of holding items, and impressive strength make it a perfect bathtub tray for every home.

  • Impeccable design that allows you to hold book, tab, wine glass, cup, candle, and bathroom accessories.
  • Adjustable and extending wings that fit over any bathtub.
  • Genuine teak wood construction makes it waterproof and mildew resistant.
  • Luxurious design will bring spa-like appeal in your bathroom.
  • No information on how much weight this tray can weigh.

Westminster Teak Pacifica Bathtub Tray

Westminster Check price on Amazon

You would love to buy this beautiful bathtub tray if you don’t like complex designs. It has quite a simple design and smooth finish that offers it a unique appeal. Its clean lines and simple design lure homeowners who want a cost-effective and sturdy bathtub tray for a relaxing bath.

This tray provides ample space for holding your bathroom essentials, a wine glass, and a book/tab stand. Being made of Grad A solid teak wood, this bathtub tray is tough, waterproof, and mildew resistant.

  • It is a simple teak wood tray with clean lines and great strength.
  • Made of grade A teak wood to resist water damage and mildew buildup.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Indonesian Perthutani Plantation teak is used to make it.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • It lacks extendable wings!
  • The design is too simple!

Conair Home Solid Teak Bathtub Tray

Conair Home Tray Check price on Amazon

Conair is a trusted brand that provides a variety of bathroom accessories. Its teak bathtub tray  is built from durable teak wood and its smooth finish offers it a unique charm. Teak wood releases natural oil to resist water damage and mildew resistance.

Yes, Conair bathtub tray is equipped with extendable wings. You can easily fit it over any bathtub by extending its wings. Multiple slots offer ample space for holding a variety of items from a book to a glass of wine.

This 2”x 19.8”x 6.8” bathtub tray weighs only 2.52 pounds. You can easily pick it by one hand and remove it from the bathtub when your relaxing bath is over. It will fit over any bathtub 28” to 31” wide.

Invest your money in this beautiful tray if you are tired of holding that phone in one hand and now want a more relaxing bath while enjoying your favorite show online.

  • Built from 100% natural teak wood.
  • Water and mildew resistance.
  • Offers multiple slots for holding a variety of items.
  • Extendable wings.
  • Fits easily over any 28” to 31” wide bathtub.
  • It won’t fit over an oversized garden tub!
  • Some buyers are not pleased with the build quality.

Why Choose a Teak Bathtub Tray?

Manufacturer use a variety of materials to build a bathtub tray. Teak wood is one of them and it is certainly the best material chosen to create a beautiful bathtub tray. Consider the following reasons if you are confused between teak wood and other materials.

  • It is tough:

Teak wood is a widely used material for building furniture. It is waterproof because this wood releases natural oils which prevent it against potential water damage. It won’t be that simple to break a tray made of this material. Therefore, your investment will last for many years.

  • It won’t slip:

A bathtub tray made of steel or plastic would easily slip over the bathtub. It will seem quite frustrating to reset the tray time-and-again to read the book or watch your favorite show. Teak wood trays do not slip and that’s why people love them.

  • Adjustable wings:

Most of the reviewed teak wood bathtub trays come with adjustable wings. These wings are attached to help you in placing the tray easily over a bathtub. You can fold those wings to reduce the size of the tray when your bath is over. Thus, it won’t cover a huge space in your bathroom.

  • It is easy to clean and maintain:

Teak wood bathtub trays are waterproof and mildew resistant. Therefore, you won’t find it tough to clean and maintain it. You can use a clean cloth to wipe the water and then store the tray in a dry place.

  • No assembly required!

Teak wood bathtub trays are shipped pre-assembled. You just need to unpack them and use them. Some manufacturers also provide guide on how to use the tray to make things more convenient for you.

Teak Tub Caddy Maintenance Guide

Teak tub caddies are quite easy to maintain. These are durable, waterproof, and therefore quite easy to clean and maintain. Follow these steps to clean and maintain your bathtub caddy.

  • Prepare a blend of 1cup ammonia, 1cup detergent, and then pour one gallon water. Now mix 1cup chlorine bleach and blend this mixture perfectly.
  • Pick a nylon scrub brush to apply that cleaning mixture to your teak wood bathtub tray.
  • Let that cleaning solution stay for at least 15 minutes.
  • Now, use a clean damp cloth to wipe the caddy perfectly.
  • Rinse your bathtub caddy with clean water and then let it dry.

Follow this cleaning procedure at least once in a week and your bathtub tray will stay beautiful and strong for a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Teak Wood Bathtub Tray Water Resistant?

Teak wood naturally releases organic oils to resist water damage and therefore it can stay intact for a long time in water. So, yes, teak wood bathtub trays are water-resistant. Make sure you choose a tray that is made of 100% genuine teak wood.

Is the item durable?

Teak wood bathtub trays are exceptionally durable. Teak wood is one of the most widely used hardwoods for building furniture. Its natural strength and water-resistant capacity turn it into a tough and feature-rich material. That’s why teakwood trays are considered quite durable.

Why you need bath trays?

A bath tray is needed to make your bath more enjoyable and relaxing in a bathtub. You can put a book, a tab, a glass of wine, coffee, or any other thing over this bathtub and relax for several minutes.

Are the legs able to fold and stay in place?

Most of the teak wood bath trays comes with extendable legs/wings. You can extend these wings to fit the tray over a wider bathtub. You can fold these wings when the bath is over.


Bathtub trays are quite essential, when it comes to relaxing in the bathtub. Although there are many appealing options, a hardwood tray seems much better due to its natural appeal and performance.

We have reviewed top-rated teak bathtub trays to help you in finding the best tray within a few minutes. So, check the reviews, buy a teak bathtub tray, set it over your bathtub, and enjoy a soothing bath.

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